Recruiting- A new perspective
Finding and retaining candidates

The art of successful recruitment

Building close relationships with applicant communities requires innovative approaches and in-depth knowledge. Digital technologies, new methods of data analysis and – above all – an individual approach are important factors for success.

Recruiting has always been an art. If you want to build trusting relationships and find common ground between different parties, you need a great deal of tact and sensitivity. But these days, that's no longer enough. Data analysis, artificial intelligence and digital technologies have opened up completely new possibilities for recruitment.

Recruitment Remodelled

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The "find and retain" model is now becoming standard procedure for placing skilled workers

Finding applicants

"Find and retain" is a new concept in recruitment. It combines proven procedures and competencies used in traditional personnel recruitment – such as drawing on the wealth of experience and personal commitment of a good personnel services provider – with new technologies and techniques for data evaluation. Using this model and a range of machine learning programmes, we can determine how open an applicant is to a specific job offer. Our competitive advantage depends on the quantity and quality of the available data. And, of course, how close our relationships with the individual applicants are.

The advantage here for you is, of course, that we can also reach candidates who are not currently actively looking for a new job. Using this model, it's the job that finds the applicant rather than the other way around.

The advantages of the "find and retain" model

Quality: By using this approach to fill a position, the circle of suitable candidates grew from two to eleven persons. This increased the chance of recruiting not just an acceptable candidate, but also an outstanding one. The traditional method – e.g. via job advertisements – brought in 77 applications. To create a selection list that corresponded to the Hays database evaluations, a further 347 candidates would have had to respond to the advertisement.

Effort: With the help of applicant management software, applications can be checked against certain selection criteria. The majority of employers, however, do not have such solutions at their disposal. And even if a company uses applicant management software, there is still a lot that needs to be done: Just evaluating the 39 usable applications and conducting the associated interviews alone would have occupied an in-house recruiter for up to a week (agreeing, conducting and recording each interview).

Efficiency: Our consultants get to know candidates during their initial interviews and then stay in touch with them. Because even if applicants do not meet the customer requirements for a specific position, we still keep them in mind – and can pull them out of the hat whenever any comparable future job advertisement comes around.

Speed: We have a pool of highly qualified candidates. This enables our consultants to submit lists of the most suitable applicants to our customers within the shortest possible time. With a standard recruitment service, when you place a job advertisement you usually have to wait several weeks before the applications received can be checked and any potential candidates selected.

Recruitment Transformed

We firmly believe that companies will increasingly come to rely on the support of experienced recruitment services providers such as Hays to find and retain new employees. After all, this innovative type of recruiting is not easy to implement internally: Enormous amounts of data and complex recruiting programs have to be managed, qualified content has to be developed and published and communication with potential applicants has to be reliable and continuous.

Also, a wide range of technical elements used in digital dynamics and data analysis must be incorporated, as this is the only way for a knowledgeable recruiter to determine – using his skills, knowledge and relationships – whether it is a good time to approach a suitable, but apparently inactive, candidate. Thus, innovative personnel recruitment is based on the perfect combination of art and science.

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