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With the digital signature (e-signature) function, contracts can be signed very easily, quickly and via mobile devices. The contracts generated as part of a commissioning process in 3 Story Software are digitally signed by using the DocuSign solution. In this context, all compliance requirements for a qualified electronic signature (QES) are fulfilled – an important and necessary aspect as part of fast staffing processes for temporary assignments.

Short-term staffing for temporary assignments

The specialist department needs short-term support for a temporary assignment. The required expert can only start the employment if the respective temporary employment contract has been signed by the customer and the supplier.

The customer initiates the signing of the contract with their signature in 3 Story Software.
in only 3 minutes
The supplier receives a notification on their smartphone and signs the contract digitally.
in only 2 minutes
The contract is signed by both parties and stored in 3 Story Software.
in only 10 minutes
The service team checks the contract and prepares the onboarding process.
in only 30 minutes
The candidate starts the assignment on the same day.

Advantages of digital signatures:

Automated processes

Faster staffing processes for temporary assignments

An eco-friendly solution

Convenient use via mobile devices

Compliance with current legislation

Cost savings


Through API standard web service interfaces, data can be transferred from 3 Story Software to a third-party system. The customer-specific configuration without additional development effort allows for maximum flexibility regarding the automation of the end-to-end process.

3 Story Software combined with third-party-applications

The entire recruitment process, from submitting a request through to billing and relevant approval processes, takes place in 3 Story Software. Transferring data from 3 Story Software to a third-party system can be done, for instance, by using the following modules: commissioning, change request, cost items and account assignment elements.


Advantages of standard interfaces:

Automated processes

Less switching between systems

Secure data transmission
(advoidance of wrong entries)

Get the added value of a vendor management system directly from your e-procurement solution. Order your external staff through your Ariba procurement system with "PunchOut" by 3 Story Software.

Integration of External Workforce Management in your exiting procurement system.
Presentation of Alessandro Micciché, Head of Digital Products at the event “BME eLösungstage 2021”. (11 minutes, in German language)

PunchOut zu Ariba

PunchOut to Ariba Factsheet

Download our "PunchOut to Ariba" factsheet as a PDF (Only available in German language).

If you want to engage temporary staff according to the German Law on Temporary Employment (AÜG), 3 Story Software will guide you and all parties involved through the end-to-end process – step by step, from submitting a request through to commissioning.

AÜG-Reform – more convenience, more transparency and more security for you


Previous leasing periods as a mandatory field for the supplier

Overview of relevant assignments with equal pay.

Limitation of the maximum leasing period as well as provision of AÜG-specific check lists for the approval process

Field for the entry of the equal pay rate as well as the date at which equal pay becomes effective – different equal pay models can be configured

Configurable note fields for requests, quotes and commissioning as well as additional e-mail notifications


Advantages of the innovative temporary empolyment model:

Compliance with the German Law on Temporary Employment (AÜG)

Automatic calculation of supplements

Compliance with conditions subject to collective agreements

Optimise your workforce management processes with real-time data and interactive reports. Detect trends, anomalies and hot spots and quickly identify fields of action. The following reporting options are available: management dashboards, standard reports (e.g. for measuring the supplier’s performance), preparation of ad-hoc and pivot reports.

Your data. Your future. Workforce analytics with 3 Story Software.


  • Create ad-hoc reports based on your data related to requests, quotations, commissioning and cost items
  • Aggregate your data in pivot reports
  • Share the created reports with employees in the company
  • Export your data in Excel format at any time

Management report

  • View the number of active assignments, the volume performed and the turnover
  • View the commissioned hourly volume per role description
  • View the commissioned hourly volume per supplier
  • View the average charge rate
  • ... and other reports such as turnover per supplier, completed assignments, etc.

Standard report

  • Measure the performance of your suppliers based on assessments
  • Analyse the generated savings
  • Measure your process performance by using SLAs


Advantages of reporting features:

Strategic development
of your suppliers

Detection of trends,
anomalies and hot spots

Controlling and review
of corporate goals

Focus on target groups

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