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to fill a permanent position or engage in project work in the construction and property industry?

In construction and property and plant engineering, specialisation and the greatest possible flexibility take absolute priority. Complexity, however, also increases and the processes necessary for the recruitment of personnel must, therefore, become more and more efficient.

Experts in the most appropriate forms of employment

A large, experienced and well-established partner like Hays helps businesses quickly, reliably and cost-effectively find the appropriate engineers and architects for their upcoming assignments. This includes freelancers to cover peak demands and skilled specialists for permanent roles.

Our service offerings cover all HIA phases

We support our customers in the construction and property industry across all phases of HIA (Honorar Information Architektur) as well as in the construction of their industrial facilities and power plants. From the first process flow diagram to the commencement of production by procuring the requisite engineers, architects and specialists – including layout planners, draughtsmen and site managers as well as design engineers and real estate experts – Hays is there, by your side.

Candidates with technical and industry knowledge

In addition, our candidates possess solid, in-demand knowledge of cross-functional interfaces in areas such as project management, claims and contract management and specialist topic areas such as Construction Site Health and Safety Directives (SiGeKo). All experts are sourced from a single recruiter, ensuring that processes are streamlined, resources saved and planning improved. The right solution is always based on a detailed needs analysis as part of a personal consultation meeting with you. This enables our customers to benefit from the swift availability of engineers and architects, review of qualifications, flexible employment models and knowledge transfer.

Electronic and scalable process administration

The completely electronic and fully scalable administration of processes from invoicing to SAP integration provided by our back office team ensures transparency and reduces HR costs. With us as their partner, businesses are assured access to all the required, professional qualifications in construction and property and plant engineering - quickly, securely and exactly as needed.

We can provide comprehensive planning for all phases of construction and property and plant engineering as well as deliver interface services with engineers, architects and professionals. By relying on a centralised, single point of contact both our customers and our experts benefit.

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