Current developments around the further spread of the Corona virus have led us to the decision to cancel the Hays Forum Vienna on 05/03/2020 and postpone this until a later date.

We consider it part of our social responsibility to reduce potential transmission routes of this virus (SARS-CoV-2) and incorporated the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute and the WHO into our considerations as to whether or not we should hold this year's Hays Forum. The recommended protective measures, which include maintaining a minimum safe distance, cannot be sufficiently guaranteed to be effective during such an event.

The decision to cancel the Forum is primarily for your own protection and that of those around you. We therefore ask for your understanding in this matter.

The Hays-Forum is an event to which we invite selected customers. With the Hays-Forum, we offer a platform for presenting and discussing key management issues where both before and after the lecture participants have the opportunity to chat and network with each other.

The topic at Hays-Forum 2020 is Genes, Opportunities, Abilities – How do I Manage My Talent(s)?

It's hard work discovering your own specific genetic prerequisites for peak performance. And it's only through practice, practice, and more practice that you can convert these factors into extraordinary results and thus achieve success. Focusing too strongly on tackling your weaknesses only takes valuable time away from concentrating on your strengths and produces average performance results, which is the biggest enemy of innovation.

In his lecture this year, Prof. Dr. Hengstschläger explains exactly how you should manage both your own talent and that of your employees.


Prof. Dr. Markus Hengstschläger studied genetics at the University of Vienna, has conducted research at Yale University in the USA and was appointed professor at the Medical University of Vienna, where he now heads the Institute of Medical Genetics.

This internationally recognised scientist, who has received many awards and teaches other up-and-coming scientists, is active in the fields of genetic diagnostics, foundational research and innovation consulting.

He holds the Grand Medal of Merit for Services to the Republic of Austria and is, among other things, Deputy Chairman of the Austrian Bioethics Commission, Deputy Chairman of the Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development, Member of the Council of the University of Linz and Head of the Academia Superior think tank.

Hengstschläger is also a science presenter on ORF Radio Ö1 and the author of three bestselling books.