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After having spent a long time in the hospital due to cancer, returning to a “normal” everyday life is not easy for children and adolescents and sometimes even remains a challenge years later. Numerous serious concerns and problems need to be overcome. In order to accompany those affected on their way to a future full of opportunities, the Austrian Childhood Cancer Organisation offers aftercare projects for the whole family.

The objectives of each individual project are based on the stage of the disease or treatment, the age and developmental stage of the participants as well as on how much they are burdened with their illness. Even after cancer therapy is completed, the disease remains a major issue for many of those affected.

Hays supports the “Insel-Camp 13 – 16” project

This camp is aimed at adolescents between 13 and 16 who have recovered from cancer and have completed their treatment at least two years ago. It offers them a couple of carefree days with a group of young people who have had similar experiences.

Whether they engage in outdoor or creative activities, sit around the campfire or simply have a chat with other participants – what matters is that they have a good time at the camp. An experienced team of psychologists, educators and psychotherapists accompanies the participants in their activities.

Last year, 17 adolescents took part in this camp and were able to gather new strength helping them resume their normal life.


Aftercare camps in Austria

For years, we have been supporting the psychosocial aftercare camps of the Austrian Childhood Cancer Organisation (Österreichische Kinder-Krebs-Hilfe). There, the affected children are given some of the much-needed courage and strength to live a self-determined life after their serious illness.

Four camps are organised every year for children who suffer from cancer between the age of 8 to 20. In addition, a seminar is also offered for young adults suffering from cancer as well as various sibling camps and weekends for affected or grieving parents and families.

With the help of a professional team of psychotherapists, pedagogues and psychologists, the affected children are given the possibility to recover and are supported in dealing with their disease. Further topics are how to regain and strengthen their self-esteem, the exchange with other camp participants and how to take up a normal life again.

Bei Hays arbeiten Menschen für Menschen

For us, a good relationship with our social environment has always been a central part of our business strategy. Because with our business model, we support organisations to find the right employees. And we also help people find the right places to work.

However, we do not only take responsibility for our direct business activities. For years, we have been providing support to facilities for children with cancer.  

Returning to everyday life after suffering from cancer as a child or teenager is a big challenge for many former patients. Not only because of the experiences connected to the disease, but also because of the knowledge that the therapy and the disease can lead to late effects even years after the end of the therapy. These late effects can be very different and depend on many factors. For example, a lower energy balance can be very stressful at work, but orientation or concentration problems can also be the result of cancer disease and therapy.

At the “Insel Camp 16-20”, young people aged between 16 and 20 years who are suffering or have suffered from cancer in the past have the chance to talk about the disease and its consequences in a group and to simply leave everyday life behind and have fun.

Accompanied by experienced psychologists and pedagogues, the young people not only spend carefree days with others who are affected but also get to know so-called “survivors” – adults who also suffered from cancer in their childhood or youth and who are now committed to helping others.

The Austrian Childhood Cancer Organisation receives a donation of EUR 7,500 from Hays. For years, we have been providing support to facilities for children with cancer. It has always been our aim to help disadvantaged children in their personal development and especially in their educational path.

Impressions from the “Insel Camp 16-20” in April 2019

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