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Hays donates €7,500 to Children's Cancer Aid in Austria once again

For many former patients, finding their way back into everyday life after having cancer as a child or teenager is a substantial challenge. And it's not just because of their experiences with the illness itself: They know that their treatment as well as the illness can lead to further consequences even years after their treatment has ended. These long-term effects can vary greatly in nature and depend on many factors. For example, having lower energy levels can be very stressful at work, however orientation or concentration problems can also be the result of cancer and cancer therapy. 

At Island Camp 16-20 of the Austrian Children's Cancer Aid Society (Österreichische Kinder-Krebs-Hilfe), young people between the ages of 16 and 20 who either currently or formerly suffer from cancer have the chance to experience different ways of dealing with possible late onset consequences of their illness so that they can better cope with everyday life. 

The main task of Island Camp 16-20 is to determine where the individual's own strengths and weaknesses lie and find a way of dealing with these weaknesses and the delayed effects of their illness. The aim here is just being able to live an independent life. 

The participants are supported by an experienced team of educators, psychologists and a psychotherapist. 

Children's Cancer Aid in Austria has received a donation of €7,500 from Hays and we have been supporting institutions that specifically support children with cancer for years. Our goal has always been to help disadvantaged individuals in their personal development and particularly with their education. 

Impressions from Island Camp 16-20 in April 2019

Aftercare camps Austria

For many years now we have been supporting the psychosocial aftercare youth camps run by the Austrian children's cancer charity, Kinder-Krebs-Hilfe. There, those affected by cancer receive the courage and strength needed to cope with life after suffering with this terrible disease.

These camps, of which there are four each year, are for children and young adults between the ages of 8 and 20 who are living with cancer.

Under the professional care of a team of psychotherapists, teachers and psychologists, those affected can recover while being helped to deal with their cancer. The dedicated staff support participants in areas such as regaining and strengthening their self-confidence, discussing their illness with other campers and helping them prepare for their return to a normal life.

At Hays, our people work to help people

Hays' relationship to the wider community has always been a cornerstone of our corporate strategy, because our business model supports organisations in finding the right staff for their needs. But our focus is not just corporate: we also help individuals find the right stepping stones along their particular career paths.

We are also very aware that our responsibilities extend beyond our immediate business activities. Even though our environmental impact as a personnel services provider is limited, we take great care in protecting the environment by saving energy and making concerted efforts to reduce pollution. 

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