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Discover the modern art of recruitment with Hays. With us you get the right support for your professional success – regardless of whether you're just getting started in your career or you're an established professional looking for new opportunities.

Are you looking for a new job in Sales & Marketing?

You could use a change in your job, are you looking for new challenges or a simple entry into the sales & marketing industry? We establish contact with companies quickly and easily. Together we will find your dream job in sales & marketing.

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Together with you, we respond quickly and flexibly to market changes in the sector. Contact our experts for any enquiries and quotes for contracting, temporary employment or permanent employment.

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We offer you new professional opportunities on a project basis or in a permanent position in the following areas

Your advantages through job search with Hays

As a Hays Business Partner in the specialist field Sales & Marketing, you will receive advantages and opportunities that many freelancers miss.

Left: Money, contact details, and tick icon in white on a blue background. Centre: White text with cyan bullet points: Fits perfectly: We bring experts and expertise together. We are an exclusive partner to many companies. All-round support: Hays supports you throughout the entire application phase. Right: Pink bubble

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Are you working as a freelance expert and looking for new projects? We face the challenge together with you and find the right project. Because we are very familiar with the market and know the top decision-makers in the industry.

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Would you like to contribute your know-how to a specific company? We accompany you through the entire application process so that you can get started quickly and easily in a new company.

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