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We offer you the swift and professional recruitment of digital specialists

  • Results-based searches for digitisation specialists in permanent positions
  • Executive Search for your strategic corporate positions
  • Support for your digitisation projects using freelance digital experts

For the first time, Stack Overflow has decided to work with a personnel services provider. Posting jobs and having access to candidate profiles is part of our unique partnership with them. This in turn means you can also gain access to top candidates from around the world.

In this online community, highly qualified specialists meet to make new contacts, share knowledge, learn new things and advance their careers. With Stack Overflow, we can reach out to the top developers in Germany – even before they're considering a change in jobs. This means we can recruit the best experts in the digital industry for you – perfectly vetted to suit your requirements. On a permanent, project or temporary basis.

Plus, working with Stack Overflow enables us to increase brand awareness while building long-term relationships with candidates.

By relying on our know-how in recruiting digital specialists, you'll soon discover that we can find the top developers you need to advance your business.

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Available roles in Digital Technology

  • Full Stack Microsoft
  • Full Stack Java
  • UX/UI Front End Development
  • Mobile Development –IOS/Android
  • PHP/Open Source
  • Data Analytics – Technical
  • Big Data/Reporting
  • Digital Leadership – Management
  • Enterprise Architecture/Technical Architecture
  • Digital Production – Producer/Product Owner/Management
  • Digital Marketing –SEO/SEM/EDM
  • Optimisation – Digital Analytics & Channel Management
  • Data/Segmentation/Data Science
  • Creative Designers
  • Data Security/Cyber Security
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Cloud/Network Engineers
  • Enterprise Apps – Cloud e.g. Salesforce/Workday etc.
  • Cyber Security Analysts, Engineers, Consultants, Specialists
  • Test Analysts/Managers
  • Testers - Performance/Automation
  • Embedded Software Development

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