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Here you can find candidate testimonials and customer success stories.

What our candidates think

In this video interview, a candidate talk about his experiences with Hays.

Axel Calkosz, freelance Pricing Specialist (Duration 03:29 mins.) (Video is in German)

What our customers think

Here you can find testimonials from three of our customers.
Cooper-Standard Automotive
Hays strengthens quality assurance at Cooper-Standard Automotive.
German Supervisory Agency
Hays reviews exhaust air systems in Asia.
Medical technology company
A new diagnostic device for use in ophthalmology.

Our experience is a decisive advantage in recruiting your personnel

Hays, the recruitment experts, offers the right personnel for every requirement in Austria and worldwide
The decreasing availability of qualified specialists makes the services Hays provides an important prerequisite for the economic success of more and more companies. In over 257 offices in 33 countries, Hays uses its almost 25 years of valuable experience to recruit specialists and executives from across a wide variety of industries. In the German-speaking countries alone, more than 3,300 customers, including Telekom, Audi and Lufthansa, rely on our excellent placement rates. With more than 220,000 successful project placements to date, Hays provides customers in Austria, Germany and Switzerland with the greatest degree of satisfaction and growing economic success – and their feedback proves it!

Our knowledge of people and the market ensures sustainable success
By optimally adapting to individual conditions on regional labour markets, Hays is able to offer its customers the best possible solutions to meet their needs. And Hays' high global presence shows this strategy is working: By using comprehensive needs analyses and detailed requirement profiles, Hays finds the perfect employees to help companies advance their potential. Our personnel selection process, which we've relied on for decades, guarantees we use the most suitable procedures and carry out sound evaluations of potential candidates. And in addition to ensuring our candidates have the right professional competencies, we also attach great importance to all relevant soft skills.

Comprehensive support thanks to our extensive pool of experts
In Austria, our locations in Vienna and Graz ensure companies and specialists from every industry can benefit from the Hays global network. Currently, our pool of 450,000 available candidates makes it possible for us to quickly and professionally cover personnel gaps and shortfalls. The prompt availability and reliable quality of the specialists and managers we provide have long proven themselves to be an enormous benefit in resolving our many customers' personnel management issues. We even make putting together entire teams a breeze. We can also provide you with the same level of professional, competent support whether you're looking to fill either permanent or temporary positions. And considering the constantly changing nature of flexible employment models, the need for quality consultancy services is also growing. And our extensive legal expertise, gained over many years of experience in the recruitment sector, makes us the right contact to have: We can offer you the necessary support for ensuring all the forms of flexible employment you use are fully legally compliant.

Hays takes the sting out of HR management
In all sectors of the economy, companies of all sizes are discovering that the unavoidable time and expense associated with finding the right personnel is continually increasing. And in many cases, when these searches are unsuccessful, this can present major obstacles for the companies – perhaps even prevent the achievement of important goals. In order to reliably avoid such negative scenarios, we search all channels to find the right personnel and can draw on great competitive advantages thanks to our extensive range of specialisations. Our focus on six broad fields of expertise enables us to acquire a detailed understanding of all the requirements necessary for finding the perfect candidate. From Engineering to IT, Life Sciences, Finance, Sales and Marketing: We promise to present you with the optimal personnel solution in the shortest time possible. Since our founding in 1995, we have enjoyed the greatest degree of trust throughout the world. This has allowed our company to grow far beyond its headquarters in Mannheim and become a global player.

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