My contact person
for Workforce Management

  • Peter Bresser,
  • Strategic Relationship Manager - Expert
  • Dusseldorf office
  • Region: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Peter Bresser

After completing my studies in International Economics in the United States, Business Administration in Germany and 5 years working in business development with a German tour operator, I joined Hays in 2007.

Upon joining the company I initially worked as a Senior Key Account Manager for various international clients in the banking and telecommunications sector. In 2012, I moved to Managed Service Provision working as a consultant. The experience I gained in this role enabled me to advise and bring on board numerous companies and be responsible for the implementation of their managed service programmes.

As a Strategic Relationship Manager with Hays Talent Solutions, I have been supporting our customers with their business needs since mid-2015. In this role, I provide our customers with comprehensive advice in implementing the appropriate workforce management solution. This can include aspects of a managed service provision programme, an e-tool solution (vendor management system, etc.), as well as recruitment process outsourcing services.

  • Melina Malessa,
  • Strategic Relationship Manager
  • Dusseldorf office
  • Region: All of Germany
Melina Malessa

After completing my studies in Business Education in Rostock, I took the opportunity to participate in a trainee programme with GALERIA Kaufhof in human resources management and move back to my native North Rhine-Westphalia.

Upon completing the programme, I became a department manager in charge of strategic staff development at Kaufhof. Then, in early 2011, I decided to move to operational recruitment and joined Hays as an Account Manager in Contract Engineering in Düsseldorf.

Three years later I had the opportunity to take an internal position with Hays Talent Solutions and grow my strategic and operational experience as a Recruitment Process Services (RPS) consultant. In this capacity, I assisted our customers in optimising and managing their recruitment processes.

After the birth of our son at the end of 2014, I spent a year concentrating on him and his development before returning to Hays Talent Solutions GmbH as a Strategic Relationship Manager (SRM) in January 2016.

Since then, I have been assisting and advising our customers in their decision-making process throughout the pre-sales phase for one of our Workforce Management products. Regardless of whether a Managed Service Provision (MSP) approach, a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) process or a tool-based solution is required, our task is always to develop an individual, bespoke product mix for our customers.