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Thanks to our many years of experience and international network in medical engineering, biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry, we can find highly sought after personnel quickly and accurately. This includes project managers, quality assurance managers/head of quality assurance, and laboratory staff as well as specialists in drug safety, regulatory affairs, and after sales management.

Determine your preferred from of employment

We also offer businesses the ability to determine their preferred form of employment: whether it's qualified experts for long-term permanent employment in mission-critical positions or specialist expertise for individual freelance assignments — we always provide companies with the right candidates for the job at hand. Moreover, until the ideal permanent employee can be found or the vacant positions can be flexibly filled with a freelancer.

When the need is urgent, we can provide immediate assistance — not just through our offices in Germany and Switzerland, but also via all the important Life Sciences markets worldwide. And with us, customers can always be assured that in addition to our internal compliance requirements, our quality management system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and our processes enjoy continuous IT support.

The best specialists recruited efficiently

Few recruitment service providers can source entire project teams of specialists like we can. And you can be certain that each and every specialist introduced to you by Hays possesses the requisite professional Life Sciences experience and that all previous project work and qualifications have been vetted, in advance, by us. Our personal and individual advice guarantees a perfect placement so that projects can be efficiently realised, bottlenecks seamlessly overcome and peak loads covered at short notice.

Workforce management

We optimise your workforce management by using services and intelligent IT solutions tailored to suit your specific needs.


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