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CV template: impress and inspire with simplicity

Found some exciting prospects from your search for suitable positions in Austria? That’s great! Now it’s on you to win over and inspire HR managers with your application documents. Use your well thought-through application documents to showcase that you are the only potential candidate for their vacancy.

A compelling and compact CV that leaves no questions unanswered significantly increases your chances of advancing in the application process. Our CV templates impress with their variety of layouts and enable you to design a CV that is perfectly suited to your industry and personal preferences—and you don't need to be an expert in Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign. Our sample forms for your CV can be modified easily.

Your CV: Templates for an immediately compelling application

Many personnel managers first look at the CV when considering an application. In addition to the cover letter, the curriculum vitae provides important information about whether you as an applicant are suitable for the advertised position or not.

So pull out all the stops here to map out your skills and strengths in combination with your career history. Always have your readers in mind when compiling your documents: Keep your CV as short and clear as possible and ensure that it contains all the necessary information to present yourself as a suitable candidate.

You should use your CV to stand out from the bulk of applications and leave a positive first impression with recruiters. Our free CV templates for Austria provide you with a variety of layouts and design options to tailor your CV to your own needs.

Whether you go for a classic look, a business style, simplicity or a layout specifically for freelancers: Our design templates will help you impress HR managers right from the start.

CV template for Austria (Word): simply customise and apply

Your CV template with
a classic design

Download now free of charge our cv template in a classic design

Your CV template
with a business design

Download now free of charge our cv template in a business design

Your CV template with
a simple design

Download now free of charge our cv template in a simple design

Your CV template
as a freelancer



Checklists and forms for your successful application

You have completed your CV. You are showcasing your career progression and strengths in the best possible light. Still feel like you're missing something? Use our checklists to reconfirm the details you should definitely include in your CV.

Apart from a well-structured curriculum vitae, be sure to use a professional application photo. We can give you tips as to what makes a very good application photo stand out from just a good one.

Many companies and corporations still want a cover letter. That’s why we have put together a detailed checklist to meaningfully structure your cover letter. This helps you to make sure that the first page of your application will be an instant hit with HR workers.

If you are successful with your application, the next step will be a personal interview. Whether by phone or in person: we've got you covered for this next stage, too.

We have also put together a guide for the first days and weeks in a new job for you. Here, we answer important questions about the onboarding process and how you can perfectly integrate with existing processes at your new workplace.

Find out what you should pay attention to in a good application photo



Find out what is important in your cover letter, CV and attachments



Get some valuable tips about structuring and wording your CV


The best possible preparation for your next phone interview and job interview



We will help you at every step of the way to your dream job with this interview guideline



Prepare for your first day at work and the first weeks in your new job



Ready for even more tips and tricks for your career?

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More than 1,000 dream jobs are waiting for you

You have chosen a CV template, updated your documents and your application photo is making the perfect impression: all you need now is the perfect job. See our job database for numerous attractive positions as a development engineer, an IT business operator or a software developer.

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