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Hays Development
an Ongoing Success Story

Since 2003, Hays Österreich GmbH have been represented by our offices in Vienna.

Initially, our efforts were focused on our Contracting business, with our Permanent business sector being added in 2010.

Currently, we have more than 1,200 active customers and have filled a total of 3,800 projects and positions in Austria.

  • 2003

    - Founding Hays Austria
    - Opening of Vienna office

  • 2004

    - New contract model:
    - New area of expertise:

  • 2005

    - New area of expertise:

  • 2010

    - New area of expertise:

  • 2017

    - New contract model in Austria:
    - New area of expertise:
      Life Science

  • 2018

    - Opening of Graz office
    - Company 50th anniversary

Looking for a job or project?

We are your partner when it comes to searching for new jobs and projects.

Looking for specialists?

With us, you can find the right experts for contracting and permanent employment.

Austria Skills Index

Current figures on supply and demand (German language).

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