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Finance and corporate finance jobs:
We offer you new opportunities in the financial world


Whether it be interim finance managers on a project basis or finance managers in permanent employment:  All doors are open to finance experts with us. We find new career opportunities for you in the accounting, controlling, tax, risk management, reporting, compliance, audit, treasury and M&A area. We know: True finance experts are in high demand. Their market value is correspondingly high – provided that they have a proven track record of their acquired qualifications. 

That is why we examine all specialists who want to be placed. We have successfully filled positions in Austria for many years – both with experienced freelancers and with permanently employed financial experts. 

Discover the advantages and opportunities that await you with Hays.

We open doors for financial specialists in fields such as accounting, controlling, corporate banking, interim management, risk management and treasury. We have already successfully filled more than 25,000 positions with experienced freelancers and permanent employees.

True financial experts are rare and much sought after. Accordingly, their market value is also high - that is, if their qualifications are more than just something printed on paper. That's why we vet every specialist seeking to be placed by us. In all areas. In each and every case.

Looking for a new job in the financial sector 

You need a fresh start in the financial sector or an easy entry into the finance sector? Whether it be jobs in corporate finance or export finance: We will quickly and easily establish contact with companies that need your support in the areas in which you want to contribute and develop. Together we will find your dream job in the finance sector. Be it part-time or full-time: In a personal interview, you can tell us your individual requirements so that you only have job interviews that are lucrative. 

Your contact for our personnel recruitment

If you have any questions about your employment opportunities in HR, we would be happy to hear from you.


Are you looking for a new challenge in the area of HR-management? For example would you like to contribute your experience and skills as a HR-manager to a great company? We will gladly do the time-consuming search for you.  

You also benefit from: 

Grafik Vorteile

  • A perfect fit: we bring experts and firms together
  • We are exclusive partner of many companies
  • All-round support: Hays supports you throughout the entire application process

Finance jobs – this is what our candidates can rely on

  • Attractive positions that are only accessible through a strong partner such as Hays 
  • Interesting customers, e.g. in restructuring or management 
  • International assignments with regional market leaders 
  • Flexibility in terms of employment (freelancer, permanent employment) 
  • Shorter times between projects and an increased planning security  
  • Minimal risk and punctual payments (in interim management or project work) 

What contract type are you looking for?

Project recruitment

Are you working as a freelancer and looking for new projects? We’ll face the challenge together with you and find the right project. Because we are very familiar with the market and know the top decision-makers in the industry.

Permanent employment

Would you like to contribute your know-how to a renowned company? We will support you through the entire application process, so that you can get started quickly and easily with your dream company.

We are currently looking for

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