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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity - Unser Commitment für mehr Vielfalt

Diversity in the workplace means life, reality – and is an absolute must for innovation and competitiveness.

Thus, there is no alternative. The complex challenges of our time can no longer be solved in our own information bubble. On the contrary: the more perspectives, experiences and cultural backgrounds are integrated in innovation and decision-making processes, the better the results. As a company whose business model will shape tomorrow’s world of work, it is therefore important for us to set an example and promote diversity in all its facets. For this purpose, we focus on equal opportunities – both internally and externally. This means: we assess our employees as well as our candidates on the basis of their performance and behaviour – not on the basis of their gender, age, ethnic background, religion, state of health or sexuality!

Diversity in our company

41 Nationen

70% Frauenanteil

50% weibliche Führungskräfte

Mark Frost, Geschäftsführer Hays Österreich GmbH


Diversity Council

Unconscious Bias Schulungen

Diversity Code of Conduct

Hays Pride Network

Flexible Teilzeitregelungen

Breichsspezifische Diversity Dashboards

Hays blog

Diversity Management

Diversity is not a self-runner

Diversity is a cultural issue and cannot simply be imposed on people. Therefore, there are a few things to consider when introducing diversity management.


Diversity – more than colourful programmes

A modern approach to diversity: changing old career patterns and creating individual career concepts.


Invisible and slowed down

How the corona pandemic exacerbates the inequality of opportunity and what countermeasures can help.

We celebrate diversity at the workplace because...

Employee video to celebrate the 8th German Diversity Day 2020.

How women make a difference at Hays

Video on the occasion of the International Women’s Day 2020.

More accessibility on our website 

Accessibility involves much more than removing physical barriers. It also includes making the information offered in the virtual world accessible to all people. For this reason, we have now implemented the assistance software Eye-Able on our website.

With more than 25 functions, the tool enables our visitors to adapt all content to their individual needs from now on. Various design changes (colours, contrasts, readability), a read-aloud function or a button navigation contribute to sustainably reducing barriers and designing our website so that all people can use it.

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Lisa Vavra, M.Sc

Diversity Representative
  • Hays Austria GmbH
  • Europaplatz 3/5
  • 1150 Vienna
Lisa Vavra, M.Sc
Lisa Vavra, M.Sc
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