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You have vacancies and would like to fill them promptly with absolute specialists in their field? The administrative effort is often high, while internal resources are scarce. Therefore, we take care of the search for qualified personnel for your company. You can rely on our professional recruitment service, because we support you in your search for new employees. From the creation of a job profile, to the search for suitable personnel and our support during your application process through to advice during the selection process – let us find suitable candidates for you. 

We specialise in the placement of academics with professional experience. Each member of our consulting team is specialised in a specific field, knows their market and is familiar with the profiles of your future candidates. Therefore we are able to fill your vacancies with qualified experts within a very short period of time. Find your future staff with us today. 

 What are recruitment services? 

By means of recruitment services, or personnel services, companies are introduced to suitable applicants for their vacancies. Usually, recruiting agencies use their own databases, specialise in specific areas and know the profiles of their candidates. 

Filling vacancies by means of personnel services entails different steps. The first step is to identify the vacancy. In the second step, potential candidates are identified who could fill this position. Then, the most suitable ​​candidate is selected from the candidate pool and introduced to the company. Lastly, if the customer is interested in the candidate, the final step is the drafting of a contract by the recruitment agency. In some cases, this can also be done by the customer. 

Benefits of personnel services 

For companies, cooperating with a recruitment agency means a great deal of cost and time savings. This is because both the job profile as well as the screening and pre-selection of suitable candidates is performed by the personnel service provider. Candidates are examined in advance and only those who are suitable are presented to the customer. 

Applicants can also benefit from recruitment agencies. They can help them find a job that matches their qualifications and interests. Job seekers are also given tips on how to improve their CV and prepare for job interviews. 

Vorteile der Personalvermittlung

Why choose Hays as a personnel service provider in Austria? 

At Hays, we know: Anyone who wants to run a successful company depends on qualified employees. Finding them is not always easy. Given our many years of experience in personnel services in Austria, especially in the metropolises of Vienna and Graz, you can draw on our extensive know-how and our competence in the placement of personnel.  

Benefit from our ​​extensive candidate pool, consisting of about 18,000 specialists, and quickly find the right experts with the help of our personal contact persons. To this end, we intensively examine both your requirements and the qualifications of our candidates. In the pre-selection process, we compare the candidate and job profiles with each other and present to you only the best candidates. We also perform a market assessment to find out how likely it is to find a suitable candidate. 

This individual requirements assessment helps us fill your vacancies with qualified specialists with distinct industry know-how within just a few days. 

Hays recruits academics with professional experience in the following areas:

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