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Career portal –  Tips for job interviews, job changes or salary negotiations

Everything an applicant should know

Are you facing a job change as a specialist and manager? Would you like to perfectly prepare for the interview with your desired employer? Or do you want to know how to stage your own personal brand online in a targeted manner?

In our career portal you will not only find tips but also extensive downloads, checklists and templates for everything related to your career.

My dream job

Where can I find my dream job? What channels would work best for me?

My Dream Company

How can I find the best information about my potential new employer? What sources can I use to find relevant info?

My Application Documents

Here you can find tips & tricks for designing and putting together your application documents - including free checklist and template downloads.

My Job Interview

Here you can find tips and information covering all aspects of your interview, so you'll be fully prepared when the time comes.

My Salary Negotiation

Read more about which factors influence your salary and how to negotiate the best outcome.

My Onboarding

How do you successfully train for your new job? Read more about this.

Social Media Personal Branding

Find out how to build your own personal brand by using social media.

Vocational training

Professional training has many reasons and possibilities. You can find out what they are here.


Here you can download CV templates and checklists for your next job interview and application documents.

Do you need pointers for your career?

No matter whether you are just starting your career or have already gained years of experience as a specialist and manager: In our guide articles you will find valuable information about your next career steps. Among other things, we give you tips for a digital job interview, the perfect outfit and show you which components belong in your application documents.

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