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Compliant Sourcing

Compliant Sourcing

Legally compliant deployment of external experts

In today's dynamic business world, companies face challenges in various subject areas that can often only be overcome through the know-how and project work of external experts. 

Through our flexible and rule-compliant model for the use of self-employed persons within the framework of service contracts, we have the optimal solution for you.

Our consulting concept "Compliant Sourcing" is designed to create flexible working models in line with applicable regulations and laws.

In this way, Compliant Sourcing protects your corporate image, strengthens stakeholder relationships and contributes to sustainability as well as to corporate success in the long term.

Your contact persons for Compliant Sourcing

  • Mag. Agata Facco
    Contact for Compliant Sourcing
  • Thomas Harrer
    Contact for Compliant Sourcing


Do you know all the legal pitfalls when using external specialists? The requirements are constantly changing and it is difficult to keep track of them all. Through close professional coordination with our internal legal department as well as renowned external commercial law firms, we develop a constant knowledge advantage which we are happy to share with you at any time. 

With us as your advisor, you will benefit in the future from:

a regulation-compliant design of flexible forms of work,

regular analyses of your individual compliance processes and organisational measures as well as

customised solutions for your individual needs in your industry.


Do you want to use freelancers for a specific service in accordance with the rules? In order to do so, it is often crucial that you constantly review and optimise existing processes and coordinate them with your service providers.

If you then also take the legal situation into account, you can minimise entrepreneurial risks on both sides. But what exactly needs to be considered in your case? What about social security or taxes? And which contracts are the right ones for you?

"The cross-border provision of services raises special social security issues (keyword "A1 form"), but also tax and commercial law issues, which we deal with intensively and are familiar with. It is important that our clients understand what their needs really are and choose the right form of contract accordingly. Without expert advice, the wrong choice can lead to significant difficulties."  - Mark Frost, Managing Director Hays Österreich GmbH

With our Compliant Sourcing, experts are available to you who have comprehensive background knowledge of the legal situation. In addition, we will be happy to advise you on individual concepts and solutions in the area of compliant sourcing.
Our consulting concept includes various services from project initiation to monitoring of ongoing projects.



Grafik Compliant Sourcing mit Hays

  • Individual analysis & consulting on compliant sourcing processes
  • Implementation and strengthening of know-how in departments & management
  • Monitoring of newly implemented processes

* The contents of consultations are for information purposes only and do not constitute legal and / or tax advice. Hays accepts no liability for the information provided.

We provide support in the legally compliant deployment of freelancers who provide a service.

Thus, optimising and reviewing existing processes as well as ensuring joint coordination between clients and service providers is crucial. This is the only way to minimise risks on both sides of the business equation.

The good news? At Hays, we support our customers through our comprehensive background knowledge of the legal environment that exists around various modes of employment as well as through our own individual concepts and solutions.


Our three-step advisory service helps you to optimise your compliance structures.

Analysis and recommendations for action

Analysis and recommendations for action Through detailed interviews and by examining relevant aspects of your business, we can identify potential areas for improvement so that you can increase your compliance structures for using experts with contracts for work and services. Together with you, we weigh up which measures need to be implemented and find the right ways to engage external specialists that aren’t just compliant now, but will also be compliant in the future.


We then help you to implement the agreed measures in a targeted and sustainable way and quickly introduce your newly created Compliant Sourcing processes. We strengthen your expertise and, together with you, ensure you are fully compliant with all currently applicable legal requirements. Only when all stakeholders pull together is it possible for a company to consistently implement the required measures.


After a company’s processes have been optimised, the new compliance level has to be maintained. And you can rely on us here, too: Working together, we will define intervals for checking and reviewing your compliance structure that are both sensible and transparent.


How do you meet the challenges of a rapidly changing economy and remain competitive? In addition to new technologies that you establish in your company, what counts most is qualified know-how. Gaining and managing this while complying with legal requirements minimises your legal risks and at the same time promotes ethical and socially responsible behaviour.
In an increasingly complex and regulated business world, compliant sourcing is not an option, but a necessity.
With our know-how, we provide you with professional advice on the rule-compliant use of external specialists via service contracts.


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