legally compliant deployment of freelancers
Compliant Sourcing

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Compliant Sourcing is a specific
consulting concept developed by Hays

We provide support in the legally compliant deployment of freelancers who provide a service.

Thus, optimising and reviewing existing processes as well as ensuring joint coordination between clients and service providers is crucial. This is the only way to minimise risks on both sides of the business equation.

The good news? At Hays, we support our customers through our comprehensive background knowledge of the legal environment that exists around various modes of employment as well as through our own individual concepts and solutions.

Our Strengths

  • Implementation of the "Compliant Sourcing" consulting concept for supporting the legally compliant design of flexible forms of work
  • Best practices from meetings with customers on the topic “Compliant Sourcing”
  • Analysis of individual compliance processes and organisational measures as well as joint shaping and design of deployments by both customers and contractors
  • Bespoke solutions for individual customer needs specifically aimed at your industry

Grafik Compliant Sourcing mit HaysOur services

  • Customer-specific analysis & consulting on compliant sourcing processes
  • Implementation and strengthening of know-how in departments & management
  • Monitoring of newly implemented processes

* The contents of consultations are for information purposes only and do not constitute legal and / or tax advice. Hays accepts no liability for the information provided.

PDF Download: Information regarding Compliant Sourcing

Three steps to greater security

Our three-stage consulting service will help you optimise your compliance structures.

Analysis and recommendations for action

Analysis and recommendations for action Through detailed interviews and by examining relevant aspects of your business, we can identify potential areas for improvement so that you can increase your compliance structures for using experts with contracts for work and services, and temporary employment. Together with you, we weigh up which measures need to be implemented and find the right ways to engage external specialists that aren’t just compliant now, but will also be compliant in the future.


We then help you to implement the agreed measures in a targeted and sustainable way and quickly introduce your newly created Compliant Sourcing processes. We strengthen your expertise and, together with you, ensure you are fully compliant with all currently applicable legal requirements. Only when all stakeholders pull together is it possible for a company to consistently implement the required measures.


After a company’s processes have been optimised, the new compliance level has to be maintained. And you can rely on us here, too: Working together, we will define intervals for checking and reviewing your compliance structure that are both sensible and transparent.

Ihre Ansprechperson für Compliant Sourcing

  • Mag. Agata Facco
    Contact for Compliant Sourcing
  • Elisabeth Coutinho, M.A. M.Sc.
    Contact for Compliant Sourcing

Elisabeth Coutinho, M.A. M.Sc.

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Graz office
Region: Austria

Contact for Consulting, Compliant Sourcing and Workforce Management

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