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HR transformation: Consulting and coaching

Is your HR department facing major changes? Do you need to optimise processes and establish new strategies? Then take the next steps with our HR consulting and easily overcome the hurdles of today’s working world. Thanks to our long history of recruiting experts, whether for permanent positions or contract work, we can provide you with comprehensive and informed advice in all areas of recruitment to shape your HR transformation.

Together with you, we will respond quickly and flexibly to market changes in the recruitment industry. During consultation meetings we will work with you to identify where there is room for improvement and provide you with targeted strategies you can implement quickly. We can also provide training or coaching to help you digitalise your recruitment and optimise application processes.

Our HR consulting can help to create flexibility and increase the effectiveness of staff members in your HR and purchasing department, as well as members of your management.

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Thomas Harrer

Business Unit Leader
  • Vienna office
  • Region: Austria

  • Contact for Consulting, Compliant Sourcing and Workforce Management
Thomas Harrer
Thomas Harrer

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HR consulting—When can you benefit from it?

HR consulting can make sense for you in various situations. For example, if you notice a high staff turnover rate during the first few onboarding months or receive too few qualified applications for advertised jobs. We will work together with you to develop a needs-based strategy for your HR transformation based on your individual needs.

Through close coordination with our own team of lawyers specialised in compliance issues and thanks to more than 2,600 recruiting specialists and professionals from industry and business in the D-A-CH region, we always have our finger on the pulse and offer you up-to-date and tailored consulting and training services. We will address your objectives in detail and quickly find customised solutions for your company.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are dealing with any of the following issues:

  • Do you want to implement flexible forms of work in your company?
  • Do you need HR consulting to implement new strategies such as hybrid recruitment?
  • Do you have too few applicants or does it seem like you are addressing the “wrong” ones?
  • Do you find it takes too long to fill your vacant positions?
  • Do you want to speed up recruitment digitalisation and increase your digital presence?
  • You don’t know whether your application process is efficient?
  • You cannot assess how applicants perceive your company and your application process?

In order to analyse all of these concerns, our HR consulting will examine the processes and working methods in your HR department in detail.

HR consulting at Hays—We think holistically

Our HR consulting service bundle consists of a consulting and training concept that is tailored to your needs. As a recruitment company, we understand your industry requirements, trends and the current market, and can offer you customised solutions to restructure processes during your HR transformation.

What we focus on is your perspective as a business and the perspective of your applicants.

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The major objective of a HR management consultancy with Hays

Our HR consulting clearly focusses on optimising your recruitment workflows. In the process, we carefully examine all the details of your company’s candidate experience. Optimising and improving it for the long term is the objective of our HR consulting—because with an optimised application process, you will receive more applications from your dream candidates and thus automatically gain qualified staff across Austria.

You may ask yourself how we know what matters? It's quite simple: With our long history of industry experience, we regularly communicate with candidates about their wishes and their experiences with job interviews. This helps us gain a comprehensive market overview and a very good understanding of the needs of applicants. From that, we derive the standards today’s companies should meet for their future employees. Under these considerations, we will examine your company in detail and adjust key levers.

Transform your HR processes to better face the challenges of a modern working world and integrate flexible forms of work, digitalised processes and expanded support concepts for more candidate loyalty in your recruitment.

How you can benefit from HR consulting at Hays

consulting vorteile

HR consulting with Hays—Customised solutions for your recruitment

Would you like to drive tangible changes in your HR department and establish more efficient processes? We can help you make structural adjustments to your company culture or organisation. Transform your HR processes for more efficiency, productivity and better communication in your personnel department.

Our areas of HR consulting

Find and engage employees

Win the “war for talents” and install an effective and efficient recruitment process in your company. Our hybrid approach tailors a mix of analogue and digital methods to fit your needs.

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Compliant sourcing

Implement flexible forms of work and, thanks to our compliant sourcing consulting, conform with rules when contracting freelancers to provide services.

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Workforce management

Leave your entire recruitment processes and supplier management to us. Across all types of employment, we can optimise your HR recruitment and management processes.

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HR consulting—Always have the latest information

Recruitment and shaping the modern working world are in a constant state of flux. Exciting trends appear, applicant aspirations change constantly and new forms of work become necessary in an increasingly fast-paced digitalised world.

We offer you a wide variety of formats to make sure you are always up to date:

HR Breakfast

HR expert breakfast

Join our discussion groups with our experts every other month where we talk about current issues. (in German)

Studien zur Arbeitswelt


Read our studies to learn more about transformations in the working world. Find out how digitalisation is changing our work or how to leverage artificial intelligence in recruitment. (in German)

Hays Austria Podcast


Once a month, we introduce relevant business books to you. (in German)

  • Elisabeth Coutinho, M.A. M.Sc,
  • Office Manager
  • Graz office
  • Region: Austria
Contact for consulting, coaching and training
Elisabeth Coutinho, M.A. M.Sc
Elisabeth Coutinho, M.A. M.Sc