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Actuary (m/f/d)

Actuaries assess and manage risks

Actuaries can do the math. As experienced experts, they apply mathematical and statistical methods in compliance with the economic and legal framework. They help companies to assess and manage risks in an actuarially and financially sound manner and to deal with them in a calculated manner. The know-how of actuaries is in particular demand in the insurance industry, but also in other companies, public authorities, courts and for supervisory purposes. The profession can be practiced on a permanent or self-employed basis. 

Actuaries work in a very broad spectrum of industries, in which suitable applicants and companies first have to find each other. From an analytical point of view, it is advisable to work with Hays in this process. With us as an experienced personnel service provider with an excellent industry network, the probability of a successful placement is very high.



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Are you looking for a job as an actuary?

Take a look online at our current vacancies for Actuary:in and then also at our comprehensive personnel services. We hope that your evaluation will be positive. We would be happy to advise you individually in your search for a new actuarial job.

Are you looking for qualified actuaries?

Actuaries urgently needed? Then play it safe and ask us for applicants who match the requirements profile for your actuarial department. We will be happy to assist you with our innovative "find and retain" concept and our entire know-how as a personnel service provider.

Are you looking for an exciting project as an actuary?

There are also many opportunities for freelancers to work as actuaries. We know where - also in Austria. Contact us and let us search together for a suitable project for you.

What are the tasks and responsibilities of actuaries?

Actuaries have a broad range of tasks, e.g. risk assessment for insurance companies. They calculate the best possible design of tariffs and determine which risks can be expected for different policyholders. Besides, they evaluate uncertain future obligations of the company and work out optimal care or financing plans. Thus, they are often employed as specialists in the finance departments of companies. However, most job opportunities arise in the insurance sector – be it in the field of life insurance, pension insurance or any other type of insurance.

  • ✔ Assessing and managing financial risks.
  • ✔ Conduct value-based risk management
  • ✔ Develop risk models
  • ✔ Valuing benefit obligations
  • ✔ Design new insurance tariffs
  • ✔ Advise on insurance asset management
  • ✔ Apply statistical methods
  • ✔ Identify internal and external data sources
  • ✔ Merge and assess data
  • ✔ Program data analysis software

What hard skills and soft skills should actuaries have?

The experts use a wide variety of methods of scientific actuarial science. In addition, actuaries have a strong technical knowledge of the insurance industry and legal principles. In addition, there are social competencies and other skills that are advantageous in this profession.

Actuaries ideally possess the following skills and qualifications:

  • Relevant university degree
  • Comprehensive knowledge of actuarial mathematics, statistics and probability theory
  • In-depth computer science expertise
  • Professional experience in the insurance industry
  • Analytical skills and quick grasp of concepts
  • Good knowledge of human nature
  • Ability to work independently
  • Very good knowledge of German and English
  • Confident in the use of MS Office


What is the salary for actuaries?

Actuaries not only deal with numbers by profession, they can also expect to earn an attractive salary. The monthly starting salary is between 3,500 and 4,200 euros gross. Career starters with a Master's degree receive higher starting salaries than Bachelor's graduates. With increasing professional experience, the monthly gross salary can rise to 7,000 euros and more, and even to 9,000 euros for management positions.

The actuarial training (m/f/d)

In addition to a degree in mathematics, actuaries in Austria have to prove that they have specialized knowledge and sufficient practical experience. The prerequisite for recognition as an actuary (AVÖ) at the Vienna University of Technology is, for example, a bachelor's and master's degree in financial and actuarial mathematics and the selection of the specialization in actuarial mathematics in the master's degree program. In addition, there is a bound elective subject in a professional seminar.

What are the career prospects for actuaries on the labor market?

The demand for actuaries is high and the career prospects in Austria are excellent. Open actuarial positions are easy to find. The best opportunities are in the insurance market, e.g. in life insurance, pension insurance, accident insurance, health insurance, liability insurance and other insurance companies. 

Actuaries also work for banks, government agencies and ministries, consulting firms, investment companies, building societies and in many other industries. Working as an expert witness in court is another option.


Dream job or top employee - you'll find both at Hays

The classic approach of only applicants actively approaching companies, who then only need to place job advertisements, has long since ceased to be the only approach. On the contrary: today, companies must simultaneously apply to potential employees as an attractive employer. In addition, the supply of new potential employees has become considerably scarcer due to the shortage of skilled workers. 

As a competent personnel service provider for recruitment and consulting solutions, we have excellent knowledge of the highly competitive labor market and have developed an efficient recruitment tool with our "Find & Retain" concept. By combining traditional methods with new data-based approaches, we are able to match job seekers and freelancers with suitable companies in all industries. The bottom line is that you can also count on us. Find out more about your options and feel free to contact us.

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