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Cloud engineers: experts for cloud services

Cloud engineers manage all aspects of cloud-based systems and check whether the cloud architects have designed the servers correctly. They make sure that the systems developed meet the business customers’ requirements.

Which opportunities do cloud engineers have on the labour market?

The demand for experts for big data services and cloud infrastructure services is high and will remain so in the future. Companies from different industries, such as information technology and engineering offer cloud engineering jobs as they want to prepare for current and future challenges. Thus, qualified cloud engineers have very good career prospects. Get in touch with your contact person at Hays and find out more about interesting jobs!

What are the tasks and responsibilities of cloud engineers?

The focus of cloud engineers is on the infrastructure of cloud-based computer systems. They document system designs and deal with computer hardware and software.

  • Meetings with managers and customers
  • Set-up of cloud-based servers
  • Monitoring of activities of cloud architects and other employees
  • Determination of the software required for the business
  • Checking the security of cloud-based systems and programs
  • System tests

Which hard skills and soft skills should cloud engineers have?

Qualified cloud engineers require at least a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences as well as long-term experience in working with server operating systems and hardware. Knowledge of cloud security is essential to protect sensitive company data and hardware against attacks.

Furthermore, they must have a good command of different programming languages (e.g. Python) and operating systems. Last but not least, cloud engineers must possess excellent problem-solving skills, be able to identify and solve performance problems and have experience with Linux and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • An academic degree in computer sciences or a similar qualification with specialisation in cloud computing
  • Programming skills
  • Expert knowledge of server operating systems
  • Experience with different tools and services (e.g. Amazon Web Services)
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Good communication skills ensuring an appropriate communication with customers

What is the average salary of cloud engineers?

In Germany, cloud engineers have a gross annual salary of approximately EUR 65,000. While the starting salary of cloud engineers is about EUR 45,000 per year, they may earn about EUR 75,000 or even more when working for top employees like Google or Microsoft.

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