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Compliance managers: setting the rules in companies

It is essential for companies to ensure compliance with the law. Therefore, compliance managers are responsible for ensuring that the corporate management's actions do not violate the law. Besides, their tasks comprise the definition of guidelines regarding the correct ethical conduct of all employees and sustainable, environmentally conscious operations of the entire company.

Which opportunities do compliance managers have on the labour market?

Compliance managers hold vital positions in many industries, such as the finance, IT, production or HR area or the legal business. Hence, their chances of finding a position are excellent, especially at top companies.

What are the tasks and responsibilities of compliance managers?

Compliance managers belong to the upper management of companies and hold a high level of responsibility. Their task is to ensure that all corporate activities take place in compliance with the law and to design corresponding compliance management systems for this purpose.

  • Definition of a system of rules and values for the entire company
  • Organisation of the implementation of the compliance programme in all business areas
  • Monitoring compliance with the rules
  • Identification of risks that could cause damage to the company’s image or environmental damage or lead to defective production entailing product recalls
  • Taking measures to avoid offences committed by the company’s employees, e.g. corruption, breaches of trust, insider trading or espionage
  • Training of employees to enable them to identify infringements and offences themselves
  • Continuous further training regarding the current legal situation

Which hard skills and soft skills should compliance managers have?

Most companies want their compliance managers to have an academic degree in an economic area or in law. Besides, compliance managers need to possess certain soft skills:

  • Very good analytical skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Assertiveness and self-confidence
  • Willingness to travel and a confident appearance in international environments
  • Very good, business fluent foreign language skills

What is the average salary of compliance managers?

Compliance managers are part of the upper management and therefore usually have a correspondingly high salary. Depending on the region and industry, their average annual salary amounts to between EUR 56,000 and EUR 90,000.

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