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Electronics technician (m/f/d)

Electronics technicians: Attractive professions in trade and industry

As an electronics technician, you are an important part of the team. You ensure that technical systems and devices work smoothly. In this profession, you are responsible for the production, maintenance and repair of electronic systems and components. In doing so, you monitor the performance and safety of the devices and equipment, test new systems and ensure that they comply with the relevant safety standards.

The profession of electronics technicians requires a high degree of care and accuracy in addition to technical understanding. You must be able to quickly identify errors and find effective solutions. You often work in a team and communicate regularly with colleagues and superiors. In the following, we will give you an insight into the job as an electronics technician, the various tasks and the possible salary.



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What does an electronics technician do?


Are you looking for a profession with a future? In today's world, electronics technicians are more in demand than ever. As an electronics technician, you are responsible for the planning, construction and maintenance of electronic equipment and systems. Here you will find an overview of the various tasks in electronics:

  • develop, test and repair electronic assemblies and devices,
  • programming controls,
  • commissioning, maintaining and repairing equipment and systems,
  • draw up circuit diagrams and technical documentation,
  • analysing faults and malfunctions in electronic systems,
  • integrate hardware and software components and
  • adapt electronic systems to customer requirements.

As an electronics technician, you have the opportunity to work in a variety of industries - from the automotive industry to aerospace. Due to the constant development of electrical engineering, the tasks remain exciting and varied.

What hard and soft skills should electronics technicians have?

Electronics technicians often work in teams and must be able to solve complex problems, working precisely as well as creatively. To be successful, you should therefore not only have technical skills, but also social skills. Here you will find an overview of the hard and soft skills that electronics technicians need to be successful in this exciting and demanding profession.

Hard Skills

  • Good technical understanding and sound education in the area of electrical engineering
  • Experience in handling electronic components and measuring devices
  • Knowledge of circuit design and control programming
  • Confident handling of CAD programs and other electronic tools
  • Experience in the implementation and maintenance of electronic equipment and systems
  • Good understanding of technical documentation, circuit diagrams and systems

Soft Skills

  • The ability to work in a team and to cooperate with other specialists such as engineers and technicians

  • Self-dependent and independent work

  • Diligence and accuracy in work, especially in testing and analysing electronic systems

  • Flexibility and adaptability to changing requirements and tasks

  • Communication skills and the ability to convey technical information in a comprehensible way

How does your career as an electronics technician begin and what are the future prospects?

The basis for working as an electronics technician in Austria is a corresponding education, which in most cases takes place in the dual system. Here you acquire the basics for the profession that you already decide on during your training in electrical engineering. It is important that you are familiar with common assembly activities and processes. You should also be familiar with the use of software that is common in the industry. In fast-moving fields such as power engineering or industrial engineering, continuing education is also an advantage.

As an electronics technician, you can be employed in the skilled trades as well as in industry. Possible employers include companies in the energy, automotive, measurement and control technology, medical technology or information and communication technology sectors. Many companies immediately take on their trainees after they have successfully completed their training. Since electronics technicians and mechatronics engineers are among the professions with a shortage of skilled workers, job seekers have a good chance of finding a job quickly. Increasing digitalisation and automation will further improve the job situation for electronics technicians.

 What is the salary of an electronics technician?

How much electronics technicians earn depends on various factors such as industry and work experience. The annual starting salary for electronics technicians is usually between 30,000 and 35,000 euros gross. Depending on qualifications and specialisation, higher earnings are possible. The average salary for electronics technicians in Austria is around 42,000 euros gross per year. As a personnel service provider, Hays offers you a wide range of job opportunities in different industries. We will help you to achieve your desired salary.

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The traditional method of job search, where applicants actively search for suitable jobs, will be replaced by data-driven approaches in the future due to the ongoing skills shortage and other factors. Recruitment of the future will increasingly focus on data analysis and building relationships with potential candidates. At Hays, we follow this modern approach to recruitment and offer you the best possible match between company and candidate with our "Find & Engage" concept.

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As an electronics technician looking for new challenges, you have come to the right place. We not only support you in your job search, but also advise you personally to determine your wishes and requirements. Whether you prefer a permanent position or self-employment, you will find the right job with us. And even as a company looking for electronics technicians in Austria, you can count on our support.

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