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Embedded software developers: specialists in the development area

Embedded software interacts with specific technical systems. Such embedded systems can be found, for example, in the field of medical technology (e.g. in pacemakers) or in everyday life (e.g. in coffee machines and televisions). The task of embedded software developers is to program the software for these systems.

Which opportunities do embedded software developers have on the labour market?

Embedded software developers are highly sought-after – not only companies in large cities are looking for them. Compared to other professions in the industry, embedded software developers have an above-average income. Depending on individual qualifications and interests, they can work in industries such as information technology or engineering. Get in touch with your personal contact person at Hays – we will help you find interesting jobs and advance your career!

What are the tasks and responsibilities of embedded software developers?

Embedded software developers program software and components for embedded systems, i.e. for specific hardware, such as control devices. Furthermore, debugging is part of their daily work.

  • Analysis of technical requirements in companies
  • Design and development of embedded software
  • Software debugging
  • Further development and optimisation of existing embedded systems

Which hard skills and soft skills should embedded software developers have?

Embedded software developers must have very good programming skills. A degree in computer sciences definitely is a plus. However, programmers with relevant skills and experience can also start a career in embedded software engineering. To be a successful embedded software developer, it is essential to continuously develop further and to always stay up-to-date with the latest technology.

In addition, an interest in electrical engineering, certain soft skills, such as team spirit, and foreign language skills are important.

  • An academic degree in a field related to computer sciences or automation technology or a similar qualification
  • Technical know-how and an interest in the interfaces between hardware and software
  • Excellent hardware programming skills
  • Knowledge of operating systems
  • Experience with databases
  • A target-oriented way of working
  • A proactive approach

What is the average salary of embedded software developers?

The salary of embedded software developers is higher than the average salary within the industry. It varies depending on qualifications, professional experience and company size. At the beginning of their career, embedded software developers earn a gross annual salary of about EUR 50,000. With more responsibility, income increases as well. While the average gross annual salary of programmers in Germany amounts to about EUR 80,000, experienced senior embedded software developers may earn up to EUR 95,000.

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