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ESG Manager (m/f/d)

At a time when sustainability and social responsibility are increasingly taking center stage, ESG managers are indispensable specialists in the modern business world. They support companies in understanding and utilizing ecological and social responsibility as an opportunity.

As an ESG manager, you have a great responsibility: you analyze and evaluate the impact of corporate activities on the environment, society and corporate governance. On this basis, they develop strategies to achieve sustainability goals and integrate them into the company's overall strategy. ESG managers are therefore key figures who ensure that companies are not only economically successful, but also make a positive contribution to social development.

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Definition of ESG

ESG stands for "Environmental, Social and Governance" – three central pillars that define sustainable corporate governance. The ESG definition therefore encompasses environmental responsibility, social responsibility and ethical corporate governance. The ESG criteria are benchmarks that companies can use to measure and improve their performance in these areas. They form the basis for a sustainable business strategy and contribute to long-term value creation for companies and society.

What is the salary of ESG managers?

The salary of ESG managers in Austria can vary considerably, depending on factors such as professional experience, qualifications, location and the respective employer. As an ESG manager in Austria, you can expect an average annual gross salary of around 50,000 euros at the start of your career. As a certified ESG manager, you increase your chances of getting a job and a correspondingly higher salary.

In management positions or in independent roles, ESG managers can even achieve annual salaries of over 70,000 euros gross. One way to achieve higher salaries is through further training and specialization in certain areas of sustainability and corporate management. Taking on more responsibility within an organization can also increase the chances of a salary increase.

If you are unsure whether your salary is in line with the market, a salary comparison can be helpful to assess your position in comparison to the market and make adjustments if necessary.

What do ESG managers do?

In the dynamic role of ESG Manager, you will occupy a key position in the modern corporate world. Your task is to accompany and lead companies on the path to greater sustainability and social responsibility. This requires a deep understanding of economic processes as well as ecological and social dynamics. Their work not only influences the internal corporate culture, but also radiates outwards and contributes to a positive public perception of the company.

Some of the key tasks that characterize your role are:
  • Develop and implement sustainability strategitor and report ESG data,
  • advise management on ESG issues,
  • Coordinate stakeholder engagement,
  • Identify and evaluate risks and opportunities in the area of sustainability and corporate governance,
  • Develop guidelines and processes for ESG performance,
  • Conduct workshops and training programs,
  • follow current ESG trends and guidelines.

How do you become an ESG manager?

The job title for sustainability officers such as ESG managers is not yet officially protected. There are a variety of titles in this field, such as "sustainability manager", "sustainability officer", "ESG consultant" or even "ESG manager". These titles cover similar fields of activity and show the broad entry routes into this profession.
A good basis for all ESG managers is training to become an ESG consultant or sustainability manager. There are various further training courses and ESG certifications offered by private educational institutions to deepen your knowledge in the field of sustainability management. In addition, a degree in areas such as sustainable finance or ESG management is of great benefit to ESG managers.

Even career changers with relevant prior knowledge in business administration fields such as marketing, controlling, HR or IT have good opportunities to fill attractive positions in the promising sustainability sector.

What hard skills and soft skills should ESG managers have?

As an ESG manager, you need a unique combination of professional and personal skills to be successful in this dynamic role. Hard skills such as in-depth knowledge of ESG criteria and corporate governance are just as important as soft skills that help you to communicate effectively and effect change within the company.

Hard Skills:

Sound understanding of environmental, social and corporate governance aspects,
  • Ability to analyze and interpret complex data and trends, as well as their networking,
  • Understanding of sustainability reporting and regulatory requirements,
  • Competence in the planning, implementation and monitoring of sustainability projects,
  • Knowledge of current ESG laws and guidelines.

Soft Skills:

  • Sound understanding of environmental, social and corporate governance aspects,
  • Ability to analyze and interpret complex data and trends, as well as their networking,
  • Understanding of sustainability reporting and regulatory requirements,
  • Competence in the planning, implementation and monitoring of sustainability projects,
  • Knowledge of current ESG laws and guidelines.

How are the job prospects for ESG managers developing?

The future prospects for ESG managers are very positive. Given the growing global interest in sustainability, social responsibility and good corporate governance, the demand for experts in this field is continuously increasing. Companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of ESG issues, both for ethical reasons and due to growing pressure from investors, regulators and the public.

The new sustainability reporting regulations also influence the prospects for ESG managers. Accordingly, more companies will be obliged to report on sustainability in 2025. In Austria, the number of companies subject to reporting requirements will increase from 90 to around 2,000 from 2025, which will have a positive impact on the demand for ESG managers.

As a result, the career opportunities for ESG managers are constantly expanding. In addition to traditional roles in large corporations and consulting firms, more and more positions requiring sustainability expertise are also emerging in medium-sized companies, start-ups and non-profit organizations. This development offers ESG managers diverse career paths in various industries and industry sectors.

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