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Marketing managers: being successful in business

Marketing managers hold a responsible position: They make sure that their company sells its products in the best possible way, they plan advertising measures, monitor their success and ensure a positive corporate image. Marketing managers are in demand in many different economic sectors. Learn more about your opportunities!

Which opportunities do marketing managers have on the labour market?

The marketing department is the heart of many companies. Marketing managers are in demand across all industries, independent of the company size. Therefore, experienced marketing experts – be it offline or online marketing managers – have good chances of finding a suitable position. In regions with a high density of companies, such as Munich or Hamburg, the opportunities of finding an attractive job are particularly good. Besides, there are geographical differences with regard to industries: Berlin and Cologne, for instance, offer a lot of positions in the media sector while the automotive industry is especially strong in the south of Germany.

What are the tasks and responsibilities of marketing managers?

Marketing managers are in charge of the development of marketing strategies and their implementation via advertising campaigns and corporate communications. Their tasks also include the positioning and advertising of individual products as well as of the corporate brand. They are target market experts and open up new sales channels. In addition, they are responsible for HR management tasks and the coordination with other departments.

  • Market analyses
  • Market research and commissioning of studies
  • Concept development
  • Planning, realisation and monitoring of the performance of marketing measures
  • Providing advice to the management level
  • Development of a communication strategy
  • Corporate identity design
  • Representing the company at trade fairs, maintenance of customer contacts
  • Development and monitoring of sales targets

Which hard skills and soft skills should marketing managers have?

Marketing managers need to have completed appropriate training, e.g. a degree course in business administration with a suitable focus or a commercial apprenticeship. Since the marketing industry is very fast-paced, they should be flexible to be able to anticipate and react to new developments. An analytical way of thinking is vital to plan the development of extensive advertisement strategies. Besides, English language skills are an absolute must.

  • Professional experience gained in an advertising agency or a marketing department
  • Online marketing managers: apprenticeship with a relevant specialisation or further training
  • Knowledge of the market and target groups
  • Creativity
  • Team spirit
  • Leadership qualities

What is the average salary of marketing managers?

Marketing managers with professional experience and managerial responsibility usually have a starting salary of between EUR 65,000 and EUR 70,000 gross per year. In senior positions, their salary may even rise further depending on the size of the company and the department, their professional experience and further training.

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Marketing managers have a responsible job with complex tasks, as they are responsible for the corporate image and the products of the company. We help you find a job in an attractive company, taking into account your specialisation. Contact us and learn more about the benefits of finding a job with Hays!

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