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PLC programmers: highly specialised experts for programmable logic controllers

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) control the functions of machines and plants by means of own inputs and outputs and special operating systems. They can be integrated with other applications and are especially applied in the field of control and regulation technology.

Which opportunities do PLC programmers have on the labour market?

Many PLC programmers originally come from a different field, such as information technology, mechanical engineering or electrical engineering. Although there is no specific vocational training for PLC programmers, it is possible to obtain certain related qualifications. In the light of the digitalisation of the economy and the resulting strong demand for experts of control and regulation technology, this is highly recommended.

What are the tasks and responsibilities of PLC programmers?

Their range of key tasks (usually performed according to instructions) includes the conceptual design of regulation and control programmes used for entire plants and individual machines, the development, optimisation and maintenance of PLCs, error diagnosis and the analysis and visualisation of processes to identify sources of error and increase effectiveness. PLC programmers may work either in the production and processing industry or the sales area. Besides, they may provide advice regarding the application of PLCs.

  • Conceptual design, development and optimisation of control and regulation programmes
  • Error diagnosis and maintenance
  • Process visualisation
  • Customer consulting

Which hard skills and soft skills should PLC programmers have?

PLC programmers must have extensive knowledge of information technology and strong programming skills and be well-versed in using all common programming languages. Moreover, they need to know how to operate the major control programmes, have good English skills and work in a responsible, independent way.

  • Extensive knowledge of information technology and a good command of programming languages and control programmes
  • A sense of responsibility and a structured way of working
  • Good English skills

What is the average salary of PLC programmers?

At the beginning of their professional career, PLC programmers have an annual salary of approximately EUR 35,000. Depending on skills and additional qualifications, previous experience, industry, location and company size, this amount may be higher – even up to EUR 65,000 per year.

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