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Programme Manager (m/f/d)

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Programme managers: coordinating related projects

Programme managers are responsible for the planning, design and management of related projects and supervise the project managers. The coordination of a group of projects according to the corporate strategy is a demanding management task and is required in various industries and areas.

Which career prospects do project managers have?

The planning and coordination of interrelated projects as part of comprehensive programmes makes an important contribution to the implementation of strategic guidelines in all industries. Programme managers have a much higher level of managerial responsibility than project managers. They work for larger companies in industries such as IT, Engineering, Life Sciences, and many others.

What are the tasks and responsibilities of programme managers?

Programme managers work in many different industries, such as IT, HR, production and large publishing houses. While the responsibilities of programme managers generally involve combining, coordinating, managing and controlling strategically and thematically related projects, their actual tasks vary depending on their respective role. The resulting programmes are aligned with corporate objectives. Their tasks also include the continuous update of individual projects as well as entire programmes, the review of specifications and the analysis and solution of problems, if required.

  • Planning and introduction of projects as part of programmes
  • Overall management of marketing, communication and quality assurance of the programme
  • Specification of guidelines
  • Definition of methods and priorities
  • Evaluation of projects and programmes as well as preparation of results
  • Reporting to stakeholders
  • Training and instruction of employees in the context of projects/programmes


Auf Grund der Komplexität des Einsatzgebietes und des Job Profils, gibt es kein allgemeines Training oder Ausbildung, um Programm Manager:in zu werden. Programm Manager:innen sollten einen Universitäts Abschluss in Wirtschaft oder Engineering haben und bereits mehrjährige Arbeitserfahrung, bevorzugt in einer Führungsrolle zb. im Projektmanagement, mitbringen. Da Programm Manager:innen zahlreiche Projekte führen, sollten sie Führungsverantwortung, Durchsetzungsvermögen, Team Spirit sowie exzellente Kommunikationsfähigkeiten mitbringen. 

  • Akademischer Abschluss im Bereich Engineering, Wirtschaft, Information oder Mathematik
  • Berufserfahrung in der entsprechenden Branache
  • Erfahrung im Projektmanagement
  • Führungsqualitäten
  • Kommunikationsfähigkeit
  • Analytisches sowie strategiesches Danken
  • Durchsetzungsvermögen
  • Stress Resilienz

What is the average salary of programme managers?

The average salary of programme managers amounts to between EUR 4,000 and EUR 6,000 gross per month, depending on the range of tasks, the industry and the location.

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