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Project manager and project leader
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Project manager
anaging projects to success with the right plan 

Carrying out projects efficiently, optimising the use of resources, ensure customer satisfaction and, above all, achieving business goals: These tasks are part of the everyday life of project managers. This makes them one of the most valuable employees of a company.

Project leaders, on the other hand, are responsible for coordinating all aspects of a project – from start to (successful) completion. In addition to management you will also be responsible for leadership tasks beyond the project.
Project management, with all its facets, is an indispensable tool for companies that ensures both the cooperation of all project participants and the better achievement of their own business goals. Therefore, it is of great importance to employ experienced and competent project managers. We are happy to support companies and qualified project managers in finding each other.



What do project managers do?

Project managers coordinate and plan all components of a project – from start to finish. This requires a sophisticated combination of competencies, leadership qualities and other skills. Only in this way is it possible to lead projects to success within time and financial constraints and to identify possible risks and eliminate them.

Project managers ensure that all stakeholders work together effectively to achieve project goals. They adhere to the project budget and schedule, ensure high quality project output and that the final product meets customer requirements. 

Cleverly implemented project management offers a number of benefits such as improved communication, higher efficiency, better collaboration, higher customer satisfaction and successful implementation of company goals, as well as adherence to the project budget. As competent project leaders they are able to take advantage of these advantages and promote the company's success.

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What is the difference between project managers
and project leaders?

Project leaders and project managers have a lot in common: Both are responsible for the planning, management and control of a project. However, their tasks are very different.

For example, project leaders are responsible for starting and finishing projects. In doing so they need to ensure that all goals are met, that team members complete all tasks and that costs stay within budget.

Project managers, on the other hand, tend to focus on monitoring project progress as well as processes – they are responsible for the proper execution of each sub-project. They need to make sure that all the necessary resources (personnel, materials, etc.) are available on time and that all team members perform their duties. In addition, project managers should identify risks and develop solutions to reduce or eliminate them.

Both functions are therefore essential for the success of a project. The difference lies in the primary areas of responsibility: While project leaders are responsible for making the overall project a success, project managers are more responsible for implementing the details.

What tasks and activities await project managers?

Projects are usually complex, planned in detail and must be implemented within deadlines. At the same time, they are often unique. Project managers often benefit from the experience of previous projects. When planning, monitoring and coordinating employees and resources, project management bears overall responsibility for all organisational, technical but also market-relevant aspects of the project:

●    Establishing the settings including preparation and follow-up of the project
●    Time and budget planning
●    Task planning and distribution
●    Moderation of internal project procedures and processes
●    Monitoring of implementation
●    Record keeping and documentation of the course of the project
●    Presentation of project progress to stakeholders
●    Composition and coordination of the teams and their tasks


How do the tasks of project managers develop?

Even though the tasks and goals of project managers are similar, their work is influenced by new technologies and the associated methods. After all, digitisation does not stop at project management. For example, project managers already need to use agile and digital tools. These include:

●    Agile methods such as Scrum or Kanban to work more flexibly and resource-equitably in teams and to improve collaboration
●    Artificial intelligence (AI) to automate and streamline project management
●    Cloud computing to access shared project data from anywhere
●    Virtual collaboration to ensure that all team members can access the same information and tools, regardless of location 
●    Data analysis to monitor and improve the performance of the project management team

Project managers need to ensure that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to use these tools and methodologies effectively.

What hard skills and soft skills should project managers have?

A project stands and falls with the team that implements it. Project managers face special challenges. They ensure that everything runs smoothly both in the team and in collaboration with other departments and external stakeholders. In addition to the commitment to the timely implementation of the project within the specified budget, project management must communicate, convince and coordinate on all sides – an activity that makes technical demands and requires equally high interpersonal skills.

In summary project management experts should have the following skills:

●    Analytical and planning skills
●    Resilience, flexibility, assertiveness
●    Communication skills
●    Mastery of moderation methods
●    Mastery of various project management methods
●    Composition, development and coordination of the project team
●    Observing and monitoring the impact of project work
●    Conflict management within the project team and its environment

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What training do project managers need?

Project managers do not need any special training to successfully fulfil their role. Instead, they usually acquire their skills through in-service training or further education. The starting professions can be in the commercial, technical, communicative or administrative area. Project leaders are in demand in all areas from the private sector to public administration and have very good career prospects.

What career opportunities do project leaders have on the job market?

In engineering, life sciences, human resources and IT, among others – projects are waiting everywhere to be carried out in a coordinated manner and successfully completed.  The demand for project managers is correspondingly high in all industries. In addition they have the opportunity to specialise in certain industries or areas of expertise and thus position themselves as experts. With increasing professional experience and additional qualifications, project managers can also advance to management positions and advance their careers.

What salary can project managers in Austria expect?

The starting project manager salary is approx. EUR 40,000 gross per year and increases with increasing professional experience and references. Project managers are currently in particular demand in sensor and measurement technology development. Here, salaries can also increase well to EUR 50,000 gross per year.

We bring project managers and project leaders together with companies

New projects are in the pipeline, but you can't start without the right expertise in project management? With our know-how in recruitment we find the perfect person for your project and successfully bring qualified project managers together with the projects and companies that meet their requirements and wishes.

We support you with our effective "Find & Engage" concept. We know our candidates inside out and know what qualifications and strengths they bring to the table. In this way we find the right candidate for every company and every vacancy. We attach great importance to knowing and reconciling the requirements and wishes of both sides. In the case of cooperation all contract negotiations are coordinated with us. 

As a project manager in Austria you have the choice of whether you want to do your job as a permanent employee or as a freelancer. Together we will check which form of contract is right for you.

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