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Project managers: knowing the details and keeping the overview

Project managers coordinate and plan all project details. Effective project management requires a variety of different competences, skills and management qualities. As qualified project managers lead projects to success and minimise risks in compliance with financial and time specifications, they are much sought-after.

Which opportunities do project managers have on the labour market?

A special study programme or training course in project management does not (yet) exist. Project managers usually acquire the necessary competences via extra-occupational training programmes or further training, after having originally started their career in a commercial, technical or administrative area. In the industrial and administrative sector in particular, project managers are highly sought-after and have good prospects on the labour market. With us, you will find a position that matches your qualifications. Contact us and learn more about the benefits of finding a job with Hays!

What are the tasks and responsibilities of project managers?

Projects are often very complex and thus need to be planned and realised with great care. As every project is different, project managers cannot follow any routines. They are responsible for all organisational, technical and market-related project matters in the context of planning, monitoring and employee and resource coordination, e.g.:

  • Scheduling and budget planning
  • Monitoring of the project realisation
  • Logging and documentation of the project implementation
  • Presentation of the project progress to decision-makers
  • Team building and task compilation as well as the corresponding coordination

Which hard skills and soft skills should project managers have?

The project success depends on the team in charge of the realisation. Project managers thus face specific challenges: Their task is to ensure smooth operations, both within the team and regarding the coordination with other departments and external stakeholders. Besides, they are responsible for guaranteeing the timely implementation of projects in keeping with the specified budget. They also need to communicate with and coordinate all involved parties and convince them of the project and the related tasks – an activity that requires professional expertise and interpersonal skills alike.

  • Analytical and planning skills
  • Resilience, flexibility and assertiveness
  • Strong communication skills
  • Sound knowledge of project management methods
  • Building, development and coordination of the project team
  • Monitoring of the impacts of the project work
  • Communication with all stakeholders
  • Conflict management within the project team and with regard to the parties involved

What is the average salary of project managers?

Experienced project managers are highly sought-after. The average starting salary is approximately EUR 36,000 per year, but it can rise later on, depending on professional experience and references. Currently, project managers are particularly in demand in the fields of sensor development and measuring technology. While project managers working in cities in Western Germany have an average annual salary of EUR 77,000, their counterparts in Eastern Germany earn up to EUR 20,000 less.