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Recruiters: finding competent candidates for vacant positions

Recruiters are responsible for filling vacant positions in companies and thus for the entire application process – from writing and posting job advertisements to concluding employment contracts.

Which opportunities do recruiters have on the labour market?

Currently, many companies search for recruiters or offer related training programmes. Most recruiters are newcomers with a vocational qualification in the commercial area or an academic degree in a field related to business administration, sociology or psychology. A qualification in personnel management improves their opportunities. Their career prospects usually depend on their period of employment, professional experience and successes. Learn more about your opportunities!

What are the tasks and responsibilities of recruiters?

Recruiters have a varied range of tasks. They are responsible for different matters related to personnel marketing, personnel development and payroll accounting, write texts for job advertisements, execute preliminary screenings and conduct telephone and personal interviews.

Furthermore, recruiters are active on social media platforms and professional networks such as Xing or LinkedIn and visit trade fairs to look for suitable specialists. The importance of active sourcing has grown very much recently. Consequently, recruiters perform more and more proactive tasks.

  • Staffing vacant positions with suitable candidates
  • Writing and posting job advertisements
  • Execution of preliminary screenings as well as conduct of telephone and personal interviews
  • Dealing with matters related to personnel development, personnel marketing and payroll accounting
  • Social media recruiting
  • Visiting trade fairs and planning related activities

Which hard skills and soft skills should recruiters have?

Recruiters should have good personnel management skills and distinct knowledge of the labour market. Moreover, they must possess strong communication and writing skills. Today’s recruiters require administrative and service skills and often also knowledge of sales and marketing. IT/technical know-how is becoming increasingly important as well. In this context, recruiters must be highly competent in using social media channels and tools for data analysis or text optimisation for search engines.

The importance of active sourcing is growing steadily; especially skills in addressing target groups directly by means of Google, Xing or LinkedIn are essential.

A quick perception, a good knowledge of human nature, team spirit and strong organisational skills belong to the most important soft skills of recruiters.

  • Personnel management skills
  • Knowledge of the labour market
  • Strong communication and writing skills
  • Knowledge of sales and marketing
  • Experience in active sourcing

What is the average salary of recruiters?

The salary of recruiters depends on their qualification and on the company size. Their average starting salary is between EUR 35,000 and EUR 40,000, but it can rise to between EUR 55,000 and EUR 74,000 after a couple of years. Recruiters who hold a master’s degree and are employed at a large company earn the most.

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