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What does a recruiter do? 

Recruiters are responsible for filling vacancies in companies. They can work in large corporations as permanent in-house recruiters or via a recruitment agency for external companies. In both cases, they take care of the entire application process – starting with the formulation and publication of job advertisements, through the pre-selection of suitable candidates, to the signing of the employment contract.  

Recruiters occupy a decisive position in the company, as the company's success is directly related to their work and the acquisition of talent. Through increasingly creative measures, they are countering the shortage of skilled workers in a wide variety of industries. In addition to knowledge of personnel management, topics such as marketing and sales are also playing an increasingly important role. 

When placing qualified applicants, headhunters can act on an independent basis or as employees. During their work, recruiters impress with their know-how and accumulated experience in personnel search and applicant management. In doing so, they face the challenges of digitisation and the "war for talents". This requires new, creative methods such as active sourcing, i.e., active personnel recruitment with a direct approach.  



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Are you a recruiter looking for a job? (m/f/d)?

As a true personnel search professional, do you want to help companies achieve sustainable success? As a recruiter, you are the first point of contact for potential employees. At Hays, we help you find companies that urgently need your expertise. 

Are you looking for an experienced recruiter (m/f/d)?

In order to be able to fill advertised positions in a qualified manner, do you need experienced HR managers who properly understand the employee market, analyse it for you and contact suitable job candidates? Hays supports you in your search for suitable recruiters.  

What are the tasks and responsibilities of recruiters? 

A recruiter is responsible for the procurement of qualified employees. They know the demands and tasks that companies place on future colleagues and take them into account in their search via the various recruiting channels.  

Recruiters use various communication channels such as career fairs, social media or existing relationships to find as many job candidates as possible.  

Various tasks fill their everyday life: They deal with personnel marketing, personnel development and payroll accounting, formulate texts for job advertisements, review application documents, make a pre-selection of promising talents as well as telephone and video interviews and classic job interviews.  

In addition, you are active on social media platforms such as XING or LinkedIn or visit career fairs to exchange ideas with suitable candidates.  

The field of active sourcing has become enormously important in recent years, which is why recruiters are increasingly proactively approaching talents and seeking contact with them. They also manage talent pools in their company, so they should be familiar with common recruiting and HR management tools. 

What skills does a recruiter need? 

Recruiters need knowledge that goes beyond personnel management. They provide support in many departments related to personnel recruitment.  

In summary, the most important hard skills of recruiters include:

Human resource management skills

Understanding of the labour market

Strong communication skills

Marketing and sales capability

Experience in active sourcing

IT knowledge

Other important hard skills include the safe use of social media. Social media channels are now almost mandatory in recruiting. Recruiters should therefore be able to competently deal with the profiles used on LinkedIn, Xing and Co. and master the various recruiting tools and functions there.  

They should also devote themselves to data analysis or text optimisation for search engines. In order for job advertisements to reach the right circle of candidates, it is important that formulations and keywords are placed in the right places. This makes it possible to direct potential employees to your own website and draw attention to vacancies.  

The most important soft skills of recruiters include:  

  • Capacity for teamwork  

  • Independence and organisational skills 

  • Willingness to learn 

  • Strong knowledge of human nature 

  • Quick comprehension 

Recruiter salary: How much does a recruiter earn? 

In recruiting, the salary depends on the qualifications of the recruiter and the size of the company. In agencies, the salary is slightly lower than in large companies. On average, the annual gross starting salary (junior position) is between 35,000 and 40,000 euros.  

After a few years, the annual salary of recruiters increases. Depending on attained degrees, between 55,000 and 74,000 euros gross are possible. Graduates with a master's degree have the highest salary prospects.  

What training should a recruiter have completed? 

The opportunity to become a recruiter is not only available to graduates of a course of study. Lateral entry is also possible.  

Ideally, a course of study such as business administration, (work) psychology or sociology has been completed, followed by further training in the field of personnel management.  

As a lateral entrant, you will find your way to a recruiter through further education and training in human resources. The prerequisite is a commercial apprenticeship on which you can build knowledge. 

What opportunities does a recruiter have on the job market? 

Many companies are currently desperately looking for recruiters and offer comprehensive training opportunities in the field of human resources. These professionals have an exciting job in which a wide range of development opportunities await you. As a rule, the greatest opportunities for advancement arise with many years of service, corresponding professional experience and professional success.  

What employment options are there as a recruiter? 

As a headhunter, you play an important role for companies in maintaining and, ideally, expanding the competitiveness of your own company. So that you can fulfil your job as a recruiter in Austria, we offer you various contract models. Whether as a freelance specialist or via our workforce management: Together, we will check which type of contract suits you best. 

Recruiting Austria

Find your nearest business partner with Hays 

In order to find the perfect partner for everyone involved, we at Hays work with our effective "find and retain" concept. This means: We know our applicants very well and know what qualifications they have and what strengths they have. In order to find the right candidate for every company and every vacancy, it is our top priority to maintain a good relationship with them.  

With data analysis and search networks, our recruiters quickly succeed in establishing contacts between companies and applicants. After both sides have been able to get to know each other intensively and there is interest in cooperation, all important framework conditions are coordinated with us. Subsequently, there is the possibility that applicants are employed directly by the respective company.

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