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Requirements engineer (m/f/d)


Requirements engineers (requirements managers) occupy crucial positions in the development and updating of software solutions. They are the link between the respective client and their IT team and are responsible for the complete planning, functional implementation and on-time completion of a commissioned software. They also research, analyse and develop requirements profiles and document and present them to their stakeholders.
The essential working tool of requirements engineers is always the requirements catalogue (requirements specification) developed together with the client. Its detailed elaboration and meticulous implementation is the prerequisite for a functional, effective and ultimately legally compliant software solution that meets the requirements.
The cooperation of a requirements engineer is always necessary when it comes to developing sophisticated software solutions: be it with software manufacturers, companies that develop software solutions internally on their own or with consulting and service companies in the private sector or in public authorities.

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Are you looking for a requirements engineer job? (m/f/d)

Do you have a high affinity for software products? Do you always have ideas for improving software solutions and mapping stored processes more stringently? Be the link between the client and IT and get to know your new employer quickly and easily with us. What are you waiting for?

Are you looking for a Requirements Engineer? (m/f/d)

Are you looking for specialists who are professionally responsible for the effectiveness of your software solutions and bring them up to the latest technical and legal requirements? Qualified requirements engineers make a decisive contribution to the success of your software management and your company. Find competent requirements engineers with our support in personnel placement who will successfully implement your projects.

Are you looking for your next project as a requirements engineer?

You have already accompanied one or the other development and update of a software? If you would like to use your know-how to make new projects a success, then we are sure to find a new challenge for you!

The tasks of the requirements engineer: research, structure, optimise

When developing and updating software solutions, requirements engineers focus on the respective requirements profile, which they work out together with the client and their company. In doing so, they interview and observe potential users and work with them intensively and in a focused manner. They meticulously document all the results and write and are responsible for the specifications for the IT. In doing so, they delve deeply into the respective subject matter and take into account relevant technical and legal framework conditions. In the course of software development, requirements engineers are in close contact with the stakeholders involved and moderate their interests.

Requirements Engineers: salary is a question of expertise

Requirements engineers are sought-after specialists. When starting their career in this specialised field, they can expect a gross annual salary of around 48,000 euros. With increasing experience and corresponding expertise, considerable salary increases up to 80,000 euros annual gross are possible and justified very quickly.

Development opportunities for requirements engineers

Due to their permanent involvement with new requirements and innovative technologies in the development of software solutions, requirements engineers inevitably develop a high level of expertise and thus have very good career opportunities. For further qualification, certification by the IREB (International Requirements Engineering Board) is an option. Through their participation in a three-stage training model, participants acquire a broad-based expertise in requirements management:

  1. 1  
  2. Methodological and technical basics of requirements management are taught.

  3. 2  
  4. Stufe 2. Advanced Level

    Deepening knowledge of elicitation and consolidation techniques, graphical modelling of requirements and agile project management in four modules.

  5. 3  
  6. Stufe 3. Expert Level

    As a trainer or coach for requirements engineers, a high and highest level of expert knowledge and practical experience is achieved and consolidated. Prerequisite are several modules from the Advanced Level.


Requirements engineers ideally have a degree in computer science or business informatics. Their path into requirements management is based on their distinctly analytical way of working, their permanent interest in technological challenges as well as their high communication skills, which predestine them for a moderating role. Requirements Engineers can convince, inspire and manage conflicts.

The following profile characterises the successful requirements engineer:

  • Affinity for software development
  • Structured way of working
  • Process-oriented thinking
  • Solution-oriented thinking
  • strong communication skills
  • ability to work in a team
  • strong leadership
  • Creativity


There is no defined training path for the job of requirements engineer. Basically, a degree in computer science or business informatics is a good prerequisite. It is also possible to enter the profession from the technical side, e.g. as a software developer. You can gain specialist knowledge through the further education programme "Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering (CPRE)". This is a path that is always rewarded in job interviews.

Hays supports you in your search - for a challenging requirements engineer project or for a qualified requirements engineer as an employee

Are you looking for a software project that you can support as a requirements engineer or do you want to help shape agile software solutions for a company? With our innovative "find and bind" concept, we bring companies together with experts. We question and moderate the needs of both sides and can thus establish suitable contacts according to the respective requirements. Our extensive talent pool contains numerous company profiles and thousands of applicant profiles. If the skills, experience and wishes of candidates match the requirements of a job profile, we establish the contact. If it is clear after the first interviews that a cooperation is desired, we will agree on the general conditions together with you. Shape your professional future with us!

Decide for yourself whether you would like to work on a permanent or freelance basis. Perhaps you will also find the solution to your recruiting challenges through our workforce management. We look forward to meeting you.

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