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Administrators: responsible for complex IT architectures

As the term suggests, administrators, or admins, are responsible for administration. They manage entire IT architectures of companies which includes the monitoring of hardware and software as well as the control of access rights, security and data flow within networks.

Which opportunities do IT administrators have on the labour market?

When it comes to the planning, configuration and administration of IT systems and networks, system administrators have the main responsibility for the control of all related processes. In the age of digital transformation, IT departments exist in almost every sector. Therefore, administrators have the possibility to fulfil various challenging functions – regardless of the industry, company size and corporate structure.

What are the tasks of system administrators?

System administrators are responsible for the design and administration of corporate networks, the selection of suitable hardware and software, the execution and monitoring of installations and configurations as well as the implementation and updating of appropriate security measures. Administrators mainly take preventive action but are also responsible for minimising and analysing failures. They manage access rights in a responsible way to ensure safety and a smooth communication within companies.

Administrators have the following tasks:

  • Requirements analyses for hardware and software architectures
  • Procurement and adaptation of systems
  • Monitoring of component installations and configurations
  • Administration of rights of use
  • Preventive security measures, regular data backups and error processing

Which hard skills and soft skills should administrators have?

System administrators are IT specialists and thus need to have a comprehensive range of skills and expertise regarding the essential hardware components as well as standard operating systems, clients, servers and database systems. They should be familiar with programming languages such as JavaScript, Perl, PHP and Python and have experience with the administration of networks using TCP/IP, WLAN or VPN clients.

Furthermore, administrators should have extensive know-how in monitoring and securing systems and networks. In addition, they must have good English skills to be able to regularly update their knowledge and should possess distinct soft skills, such as a sense of responsibility, personal initiative, team spirit and reliability. It is essential for administrators to continuously enhance their expertise.

  • Knowledge of clients, servers and database systems
  • Knowledge of network architectures and cloud systems
  • Knowledge of several scripting languages
  • Team spirit, motivation, willingness to learn

What is the average salary of administrators?

Junior system administrators have an initial annual salary of approximately EUR 32,000. With increasing experience and responsibility, income grows as well – on average, experienced administrators earn EUR 45,000 per year (in larger companies with more demanding IT requirements, almost twice as much is possible).

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As an administrator, you are responsible for everything related to the system and network architecture of your company, including data transfer, communication, security measures, demand planning and the minimisation of failures.

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