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Contract managers: pursuing a legal career path

When it comes to the drafting of contracts, contract managers cannot be fooled easily. Their mission is to ensure that contracts made in the company context comply with legal requirements and are beneficial for the respective client. They can work in medium-sized as well as in large companies.

Which opportunities do contract managers have on the labour market?

The legal departments of large and medium-sized companies increasingly employ their own lawyers who exclusively deal with the drafting and review of contracts. Contract managers ensure that contracts are ironclad and legally correct and that company guidelines are adhered to. As they will continue to be highly sought-after, they have good career prospects in many industries. There are numerous fields of application, e.g. in the finance or IT area.

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What are the tasks and responsibilities of contract managers?

The organisation and formulation of contracts is one of the main tasks of contract managers. They have to ensure that the contents of the contracts are optimally formulated and legally compliant, that deadlines are met, contractual periods are defined and contracts can be viewed by all parties involved at all times. This applies in particular to contracts with notice periods. Successful contract managers exploit all the potential of a contract while at the same time minimising possible risks.

  • Formulation of contracts according to legal and compliance requirements
  • Support and monitoring of contractual processes
  • Providing legal advice
  • Ensuring compliance with contractual deadlines and periods

Which hard skills and soft skills should contract managers have?

Contract managers elaborate the content of contracts and negotiate details on behalf of their companies or customers. Further training and an industry specialisation definitely constitute an advantage. In addition, contract managers should have the following hard and soft skills:

  • A completed legal training
  • Knowledge of current contract law
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • A confident appearance
  • Consulting expertise

What is the average salary of contract managers?

The salary of contract managers depends in particular on their experience, on the size of the business, and on whether they work in private enterprises or in law firms. On average, contract managers have an annual starting salary of EUR 50,000, but it can rise to more than EUR 120,000.

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As a contract manager, you hold a demanding, responsible position with complex tasks. You prepare contracts, identify pitfalls and ensure transparency.

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