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SAP consultants: implementing process-oriented software solutions

Complex software tools bring about new job profiles; this is also the case for SAP modules. An SAP consultant must possess business administration skills, good soft skills and comprehensive SAP expertise to be able to suggest, implement and manage suitable solutions for corporate processes.

What career prospects do SAP consultants have?

SAP software solutions can be used to monitor, analyse and control corporate processes – regardless of the industry. Since our global economy forces companies to optimise their processes, the use of appropriate complex software modules is becoming increasingly important. However, this software can normally not be implemented and configured by company-internal IT teams. Due to the growing digitalisation of the economy and the fact that more and more companies are switching to SAP software, SAP consultants have particularly good career prospects.

What are the tasks and responsibilities of SAP consultants?

Competent SAP consultants must be able to determine the requirements of a company – for this purpose, they must have a solid background in business administration.

Furthermore, they have to quickly familiarise themselves with the processes of the involved departments, suggest suitable software solutions and support the software implementation. This requires good communication and change management skills and assertiveness.

  • Process evaluation and requirements analysis
  • Selection of suitable software modules
  • Software implementation and staff training
  • Management of the transformation required as a result of the software change

Which hard skills and soft skills should SAP consultants have?

SAP consultants must have comprehensive expertise in different areas: They must be experienced in using the SAP software suite and be able to handle hardware and servers competently. Moreover, they must have knowledge of business administration in order to understand the corporate processes, which, in turn, enables them to recommend appropriate software.

In order to successfully implement software and train employees, SAP consultants need to have good communication skills, coordination skills and team spirit. Project management experience is highly beneficial as well.

  • Basic knowledge of business administration
  • Knowledge of clients, servers and database systems
  • Experience in change and project management
  • Team spirit and excellent communication skills

What is the average salary of SAP consultants?

At the beginning of their career, SAP consultants have an annual salary of approximately EUR 40,000. However, their salary may be higher depending on previous experience, references, additional qualifications and company size – even up to twice or three times this amount.

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SAP consultants ensure process-oriented, targeted digitalisation and software change processes within companies by applying their expertise in implementing the appropriate software.

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