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Modern Application
how to generate attention with an individual and innovative application

Recruiters take little time to look through applications. If you are applying for a position in marketing, for instance, you will be competing against 100 or more other applicants. With this in mind, it is crucial to submit an application that immediately catches the recruiter’s eye. The first impression counts. In order to land your dream job, you must not leave anything to chance.

A modern application offers you excellent opportunities to maximise your chances of success. By choosing an unconventional form of application – usually through a creative, skilled use of digital media – you are guaranteed to attract the attention you want. There are many exciting ways in which you can implement your application 4.0. We help you into the starting blocks and show you how your modern application can succeed. Don’t be afraid to use new, innovative digital methods for your creative application – but keep in mind that ultimately, it's the content of the application that decides who gets the job.

Your application website

Creating your own application website is a popular form of application 4.0. Consider this website as your digital business card and use it to stand out from all the other applicants. An application website has lots of advantages. You can use to it showcase your technical skills. It also offers HR employees a completely unique (audiovisual) insight into your personality.

You can also use your application website to include samples of your work or links to them. For instance, for an application in the area of content marketing, you might like to include a link to your own blog. Remember to include links to your social media profiles (Xing, LinkedIn), too. The classic elements of a CV should also feature on an application website. These include your contact details, professional experience, education and training courses, soft skills, language knowledge and other skills that are relevant for the vacancy in question.

The domain name can be your own name, for example in the form “” or “” Keep your application website simple and use a tidy, organised design. Make it as easy as possible for recruiters to read through your content and quickly gain an accurate impression of who you are.


Even if you include your CV on your website, you should also submit your application as an online document. Many HR departments use a recruitment system that stores applications together and sends them to the specialist department as a bundle.


Tips for your CV

Your video application

Another way to ensure your application 4.0 is remembered by recruiters is to use a video application – especially if you are just starting out in your career and applying for a trainee position.

A video application will particularly help you to stand out and score points with corporate groups, which usually receive large numbers of applications. In your video, introduce yourself and explain your motivation for applying for the vacancy. Use your video application to show the company your personality and who you are. You can also be creative to leave a range of impressions on recruiters. This will increase the likelihood of your application attracting the attention you want.

A video application shows commitment and can be particularly effective if you have a charismatic and engaging personality.

Is this you? Here are a couple of practical tips to ensure your video application is a success:

  • 1. The video application should make people want to know more, so make sure you pique interest without going into too much detail.
  • 2. Keep your video short and sweet – after all, recruiters only have a little time for each application.
  • 3. If you have experience in shooting videos, you can do the production yourself. If not, draft in someone more experienced; an unprofessional video does not leave a good impression. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hire someone – ask a friend to help, use a tripod and make the most of (free) apps like Adobe Express, InShot and Canva.
  • 4. Wear something you would choose for attending an interview. Pay attention to detail and make sure you make your best impression in terms of style, too.

Tips for your perfect outfit

Guerilla application

Another form of application 4.0 is the guerilla application. This is probably the most unconventional form of modern application. The guerilla application has developed from so-called guerilla marketing, which aims to use small means and unusual measures to achieve a big effect.

The concept has since been transferred to the guerilla application. This also aims to attract immediate attention and clearly stand out from other applications. A guerilla application is a particularly good option in areas in which creativity is important, such as marketing. It is less appropriate for more conventional areas, such as the public sector.

Is this form of modern application right for you? Below, we give you some more tips on how to create your guerilla application.

  • 1. Always ask yourself whether a guerilla application suits your personality and the job in question.
  • 2. If you are applying for a position as a copywriter, try writing your cover letter in the form of a creative advertising text.
  • 3. For an application as a social media manager, a video on a social media platform might be an option.

However, avoid taking up too much of the recruiters’ time. It is not a good idea just to copy ideas straight from the Internet. If you cannot come up with your own idea for a guerilla application, stick to a classic form of application. Depending on the sector and entry level, a well-structured, classic letter of application and modern CV can be equally well received. We have provided suitable application templates for you to download.

The same goes for an application 4.0 as for classic applications: in the end, it is the content, completeness and personal impact of your application that will decide whether or not you are invited to an interview.

Are you looking for a new challenge and have not yet found the time to design a modern application? No problem – simply upload your classic documents and we will get in touch when we find a suitable position.

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