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Scrum Masters: coaching agile teams

The role of Scrum Masters within teams clearly differs from that of traditional project managers. As part of agile project management, they ensure efficient work and effective Scrum rules. However, they do not intervene in the development process or make any content-related decisions. In fact, they rather act as moderators.

Which opportunities do Scrum Masters have on the labour market?

For project work, companies increasingly rely on agile methods. Scrum-based project management is used in the software development area in particular. Since their skills are essential to all companies intending to introduce and use Scrum methods as part of their projects, qualified and experienced Scrum Masters have very good prospects on the labour market. Amongst others, they are highly sought-after in the field of information technology. Get in touch with your personal contact person – we will be happy to assist you in comparing job offers and help you promote your career!

What are the tasks and responsibilities of Scrum Masters?

Scrum Masters support their teams and act as consultants and coaches in meetings. They assume various organisation-related roles and assist the product owner as well as the development team.

  • Ensuring that all members of the Scrum team understand the goals correctly
  • Effective administration of the product backlog
  • Assisting the product owner in optimally arranging items within the product backlog
  • Coaching regarding the correct use of agility concepts
  • Elimination of obstacles
  • Training of the development team
  • Support with the development of high-quality products
  • Planning the implementation of Scrum in the company
  • Coaching of the company’s employees when Scrum is introduced
  • Initiation of changes that improve team productivity

Which hard skills and soft skills should Scrum Masters have?

The required hard skills depend on both the industry and the company. To work as a Scrum Master, a degree in computer sciences, psychology or communication sciences is required. Besides, experience with agile projects and a Scrum Master certification are essential. In Germany, there are training courses and seminars leading to a qualification as Professional Scrum Master or Certified Scrum Master.

  • A degree in computer sciences, psychology or communication sciences
  • A Scrum Master certification
  • The ability to optimise team collaboration
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Managerial skills

What is the average salary of Scrum Masters?

When starting their career, Scrum Masters earn an average annual gross salary of EUR 45,000. The average annual salary of agile coaches amounts to about EUR 55,000. Top employers pay gross annual salaries of up to EUR 70,000 to employees with relevant qualifications and experience.

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Finding your ideal job as a Scrum Master – with Hays

As a qualified Scrum Master, you can work at companies of different sizes and have challenging tasks. One of your key tasks is to support teams with the implementation of Scrum rules. We help you find your desired position, taking into consideration your qualifications and experience. Learn more about the benefits of finding a job with Hays!

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