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Software developers: development and implementation of applications

There is no uniform job profile for software developers. They are competent IT specialists with a diverse range of responsibilities, such as developing tailored software solutions according to the customer's demands and requirements and monitoring software implementation processes.

What career prospects do software developers have?

The skills of software developers go beyond those of, for example, programmers. Software developers are often intensively involved in the analysis of customer requirements. Besides, they develop and customise software systems to satisfy the customer’s wishes. The demand for software developers is rising, especially due to digital transformation and the implementation of Industry 4.0 in all economic sectors.

What are the tasks and responsibilities of software developers?

Software developers must manage the balancing act between the compliance with the process requirements and the creation of suitable software solutions. In general, they must analyse the requirements regarding the desired software and be able to visualise its use in practice. Additionally, they must translate the required process steps into appropriate software modules and implement, configure and probably adapt the final software solutions. Moreover, it is essential to ensure a high level of scalability of the entire software architecture, a proper documentation and a high degree of user-friendliness, taking account of both quality assurance and maintenance measures.

  • Analysis, development and implementation of software systems
  • Knowledge of IT and telecommunication technology
  • Programming and coding skills
  • Customer service and consulting

Which hard skills and soft skills should software developers have?

They must be familiar with the most important programming languages, e.g. JavaScript, PHP, Ruby and Python, and be able to analyse processes and understand complex IT contexts. Furthermore, they must have the ability to plan and implement projects and must possess good time management and English skills. Important soft skills required for a career as a software developer include team spirit, good customer communication skills and assertiveness.

  • Software development skills
  • Knowledge of the common programming languages
  • An analytical way of thinking
  • Sound English skills
  • A targeted, results-oriented way of working
  • Project management skills and team spirit
  • Resilience, flexibility and assertiveness

What is the average salary of software developers?

Junior software developers have an initial annual salary of approximately EUR 38,000. With increasing experience, income grows as well. The remuneration may vary depending on the field of specialisation and the industry.

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