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Controller (m/f/d)

Controller – the link between management and accounting

No one can predict the future. However, thanks to forecasts based on figures, data and facts, controllers can make quite reliable statements about which measures lead to the desired goal. With their view to the future, they are the perfect counterpart to the specialists of accounting or financial accounting and bear enormous responsibility for the financial situation of their company. Because their analyses and interpretations provide an important basis for decision-making for management.
Whether target/actual comparisons, budgeting or liquidity planning: The main goal of controlling is to make a company as economical as possible.

Controlling experts uncover potential savings and develop measures that promote corporate growth. With the right financial or non-financial controller, every company is prepared for the future. The only question is how companies and experts find each other? With our support and expertise in recruitment, we bring qualified controllers together with well-known companies.

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Are you looking for a new job as a controller? (m/f/d)

Do you like to immerse yourself in the world of company figures and regularly exchange information with management about forecasts, corporate planning and savings potential? If you are looking for a new controlling challenge and would like to prove your expertise in a new job, then we should get to know each other. Together, we will find your next controller job.

Are you looking for qualified and experienced controllers? (m/f/d)

How do you want to position your company in the coming months? Where are investments worthwhile and where should you rather look to save? The answers to these questions are provided by experienced controllers. And together with our expertise in personnel recruitment, we will find the controlling support that you need.

Are you ready for a new exciting project in controlling?

On the basis of current company figures and your analysis, have you already provided many management departments a decisive indication of savings potential and tips for investments? If you would like to bring this experience to new projects, send us your portfolio. Together we will find your next controlling project.

What does a controller do?

Controllers work in the finance and internal accounting area. This gives you an overview of an entire company's internal set of figures. This means: You monitor and optimise financial and corporate management. Controllers usually work closely with management to put the company on a financially successful course. They review financial data, create budget plans and forecasts, monitor costs and expenses, and identify potential for optimisation.


What tasks await controlling specialists? (m/f/d)

Not only reporting, but also the planning and control of processes and services are found among today’s controlling tasks. These have primarily emerged from accounting. However, while accounting and financial accounting process past and post-completed transactions, the controller looks to the future on the basis of available figures.

The occupational field of controlling can also be divided into individual areas of responsibility: For example, operational controlling is about keeping an eye on the profitability and profitability of the company and its budget management, while strategic controlling is more about weighing up any future potential for the company as well as its costs and risks.

In a nutshell, controllers plan, manage and monitor processes and their results in the company.

In detail, these are the following tasks:

  1. 1  
  2. Determination and control of processes in the company (analyses, reports and forecasts)

  3. 2  
  4. Budget planning and development of sales forecasts

  5. 3  
  6. Control of expenditure

  7. 4  
  8. Generation of annual financial statements

  9. 5  
  10. Contact person for accounting and tax audits

  11. 6  
  12. Development and adaptation of reporting tools

  13. 7  
  14. Analysis and optimisation of controlling processes

  15. 8  
  16. Planning and implementation of strategies (profit, cash flow and balance sheet planning)

  17. 9  
  18. Communication to management

What hard and soft skills do controllers need? (m/f/d)

A good controller is above all characterised by their ability to think analytically. You also have planning skills as well as flexibility and assertiveness.

These hard skills are important in controlling:

  • Language skills (at least fluent English)
  • Knowledge of relevant IT applications and software
  • Knowledge of ERP systems (Enterprise Resource Planning) such as SAP
  • Knowledge of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) or Local GAAP
  • Expertise in process and project management

In addition, controllers should have the following soft skills:

  • Hands-on mentality
  • Reliability
  • Accuracy/precision
  • Resilience


What training do controllers need? (m/f/d)

A degree in business administration or an MBA with a focus on controlling, accounting, balancing or taxes and auditing is the optimal basis for a career as a controller. Alternatively, commercial training is also recognised.

What career prospects do controllers have? (m/f/d) 

As controllers are primarily concerned with number-based planning and process control, there is generally a high demand for controlling expertise. EA look at past years shows: The demand for qualified controllers is increasing. And future roles are changing. As a result of digital transformation, tasks such as the further development of controlling, the creation of forecasts or participation in controlling projects are becoming increasingly important for the success of a company. Accordingly, companies are increasingly advertising jobs for business partners or data scientists.

The role of the controller is furthermore changing from a pure reporting and planning instrument to a direct and close partner of management. System development and increasing efficiency are the major goals in controlling.

What salary can controllers expect in Austria?

Today, controllers are experts in financial management and at the same time competent process analysts. Starting controlling salaries, which average EUR 45,000 gross per year, are therefore already good. With appropriate experience, controllers have the opportunity to rise to upper management and earn a gross annual salary of EUR 85,000.


We bring controllers and companies together

Controllers have a penchant for data and figures as well as for analyses and evaluations – the basis for every company's success. This basis of cooperation between controlling and management helps the company to grasp and ultimately achieve common goals of corporate development.

But how do companies find the accounting specialists who suit them exactly?

With our "Find & Engage" concept, we quickly determine the perfect match. We only bring together people and companies whose requirements and expectations are jointly harmonised. We know both our candidates in controlling and the companies that need this expertise. As soon as we have found suitable controllers for a company, we establish contact between the two sides. You get to know each other and, if you are interested in working with us, coordinate the framework conditions with us.

To enable successful cooperation to take place, we offer you different contract models. You have the choice of your next controlling job on a permanent basis or on a project basis as a freelancer. Together we will check which type of contract is right for you.

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