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Purchasing director (m/f/d)

Purchasing director – "Head of Purchasing" for the entire company

Is the company's demand for goods and materials met and is the supply chain running smoothly? And how is the entire purchasing team set up? All these questions are the focus of purchasing directors – in trade, industry as well as in administration. Negotiations with potential suppliers about conditions and delivery dates, as well as internal communication with the relevant specialist department, determine the day-to-day work of purchasing directors. This is the only way they can work cost-efficiently, secure economic sales for the company and serve the entire value chain.

However, purchasing directors are, above all. team leaders who manage purchasers, clerks as well as dispatchers and logistics specialists. They are therefore also responsible for personnel selection and personnel development in their department. A highly qualified person in this position is a clear competitive advantage for any company. This is where we come in: Because we find the purchasing directors who, with their qualifications and experience, fit the respective company and make purchasing fit for the future.

Purchasing director

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Are you looking for a new purchasing director job? (m/f/d)

Do you know exactly how to negotiate with suppliers to achieve the best possible conditions for your company? Strategically and operationally, no one fools you, and you keep your team together with empathy? Then, we should get to know each other and explore your possibilities on the current job market. We are happy to accompany you on the path to your dream job in purchasing management.

Are you looking for qualified and experienced purchasing directors? (m/f/d)

Damit Ihr Einkauf gewinnbringend arbeitet und die besten Aufträge an Land zieht, brauchen Sie einen starken Verhandler an der Spitze Ihrer Einkaufsabteilung. Ob in der Industrie, im Handel oder in der Verwaltung: Qualifizierte Einkaufsleiterinnen und Einkaufsleiter sind für eine kosteneffiziente Produktion Ihrer Güter und Dienstleistungen unerlässlich. Kontaktieren Sie uns und wir finden gemeinsam Ihren nächsten Head of Purchasing.

What does a purchasing director do?

The purchasing director organises and controls purchasing for companies or service providers according to economic aspects. They are active across industries and take care of the procurement of the (basic) products necessary for the company both strategically and operationally – as inexpensively as possible, but in the best quality and taking current legislation into account. Employee management and development is also one of the tasks of a purchasing director.

What are the tasks and responsibilities of purchasing directors?

The strategic purchasing director (m/f/d) is responsible for the entire purchasing process. They must constantly monitor market developments, plan the procurement strategy, define purchasing guidelines, negotiate with key suppliers, manage employees, meet quality requirements and optimise purchasing processes. They determine what goods, raw materials or services the company needs and get the best deals. The purchasing director orders the goods and organises the delivery process. Operational purchasing directors (m/f/d) monitor deliveries and manage inventories.

The Head of Purchasing profession requires good negotiation skills, leadership skills and economic competence. When working as a purchaser, it is essential to keep the company costs and thus expenses as low as possible for all purchases and, at the same time, to buy the best quality.

To be able to compare offers and select suitable suppliers, purchasing directors need to have good computer skills. In addition, the following tasks of the purchasing director (m/f/d) are part of everyday work:

  • Obtaining and comparing offers
  • Specification analyses
  • Analysis and evaluation of purchasing key figures
  • Conducting negotiations on conditions and contracts

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Which hard skills and soft skills should purchasing directors have?

In order to achieve a reliable supply and an increase in efficiency for one's own company, high demands are placed on purchasing directors.

In this market, which is often global, the following skills are particularly in demand:

  • Fluent knowledge of English
  • An analytical and strategic way of thinking
  • Computer skills (software for assessing and evaluating procurement needs, e-procurement)
  • Controlling knowledge
  • Knowledge of quality management
  • Logistics and supply chain management
  • Knowledge of procurement markets (global)
  •  Industry expertise

Purchasing directors also need the following soft skills:   

  • Leadership qualities and the ability to interact with numerous different departments
  • Strong negotiation and communication skills
  • Persuasiveness and assertiveness
  • Willingness to travel
  • Organisational talent
  • Capacity for teamwork 

What training do purchasing directors need?

As a manager in purchasing, it takes much more than commercial training or a degree in business administration, industrial engineering, logistics or trade. Anyone who has started with an apprenticeship creates the best conditions for working as a purchasing director with additional advanced training as a specialist or graduate in business economics.

Regardless of whether you have successfully completed an apprenticeship or a degree, purchasing directors never enter their job as such. You often start as a trainee or purchaser. Only demonstrable success makes the career leap to purchasing management possible. 


What opportunities do purchasing directors have on the labour market?

Purchasing directors work in many industries. Whether as a purchasing director for the wholesale market, in the automotive industry or for IT companies: Purchasing directors (m/f/d) are required in almost all business fields. Wherever a company needs services, raw materials or other materials, the Head of Purchasing comes into play. The career opportunities for purchasing directors are good due to the different fields of activity. Purchasing directors are particularly sought-after in production, mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, pharmaceuticals and in the field of electronics, as well as in trade.

What is the average salary of purchasing directors? 

The average gross annual salary of purchasing directors amounts to between EUR 53,000 and EUR 102,000, largely depending on industry and employer. While purchasing directors working at smaller companies may only earn EUR 2,900 gross, their counterparts at large mechanical engineering companies may receive monthly gross salaries of EUR 8,000.

Wir bringen Einkaufsleiter und Unternehmen zusammen

Um für alle Beteiligten den perfekten Partner oder die perfekte Partnerin zu finden, arbeiten wir bei Hays mit unserem effektiven „Finden & Binden” Konzept. Das bedeutet: Wir kennen unsere Bewerberinnen und Bewerber ganz genau und wissen, über welche Qualifikationen sie verfügen und welche Stärken sie aufweisen. Um für jedes Unternehmen und jede Vakanz die passende Kandidatin oder den passenden Kandidaten zu finden, ist es für uns oberste Priorität, beide Seiten genau zu kennen und die Anforderungen und Wünsche zusammenzubringen – alle Vertragsverhandlungen werden mit uns bei einer Zusammenarbeit abgestimmt.
Wir bei Hays bieten Einkaufsleiterinnen und Einkaufsleitern in Österreich verschiedene Vertragsmodelle an. Dabei haben Sie die Wahl, diesen Job in Festanstellung oder als Freelancer auszuüben. Wir prüfen gemeinsam, welche Vertragsart die richtige für Sie ist.

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