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Business Consultant: Decision-making helper for the company management

Business consultants, who are also referred to as consultants, are experts who support and accompany companies in the development of new ideas and setting the course for future development. In so doing, business consultants specialise in an area such as HR development, management consultancy or IT consultancy, or they advise entire companies with regard to their structure.

Consultants support companies with regard to a wide range of matters relating to company growth. For example, by means of expansion, the development of new business ideas and the implementation capability thereof in practice and potential improvements to company processes. Business consultants  therefore have a wide-ranging occupational profile.

Because of the different companies that they need to advise, business consultants should have a high willingness to travel, resilience and flexibility in order to be successful in this job.

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Are you a business consultant and are looking for a new job? (m/f/d)

Are you familiar with a wide variety of company forms and are currently looking for a new, exciting job in this area? Do you find it easy to combine methodical skills, strong analytical thinking and industry-relevant expertise?

Hays will support you in your career.

Are you looking for experienced business consultants? (m/f/d)

Does your company require support in order to make the right decision for an upcoming challenge? Would you like someone who everything in view and won't overlook anything to accompany you? Hays will help you with your recruiting.

Are you looking for a new, exciting project as a business consultant? (m/f/d)

Have you already advised numerous companies and made them successful? And would you now like to use your specialist knowledge on a new, exciting project? Hays will help you to find the next project for your career.

What makes a business consultant?

Business consultants provide an unbiased view from the outside. The primary objective is to remain competitive. Specifically, this means diagnosing company problems, helping with decision-making in areas such as planning and development, branding and customer care, and financial planning.

Business consultants perform the following activities:

  • Status quo analyses
  • Evaluation and planning of the market and customer orientation of companies
  • Production of business development concepts
  • Identification of potential sales and improvement potential
  • Giving advice on financing and funding opportunities
  • Working out HR planning and development strategies
  • Ideas for suitable IT systems

Soft skills and technical expertise of business consultants

There isn’t any specific training for business consultants or a protected occupational profile. Consultants usually have a degree with an economic background, such as business administration or business informatics.

The following capabilities are the most important prerequisites for business consultants:

  • Economic industry expertise
  • Professional and technical skills
  • Business-fluent knowledge of English (spoken and written)
  • Resilience, flexibility, adept in dealing with people
  • Analytical thinking
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Capability of working in a team
  • Good communication skills

  • Assertive

What opportunities are available on the job market for a business consultant?

Business consultants have excellent opportunities on the job market. The business consulting sector is growing continuously, and therefore also the demand for well-trained specialists. Customers and business partners expect a company to adapt to new working and consumer habits.

Companies must constantly keep up with the new challenges of a global economy. Companies therefore always fall back on business consultancy when they need something to get them thinking and decision-making assistance is required. You are a much sought-after expert as a business consultant.

Business consultant salary: What can you earn?

Career starters in consulting can reckon with a gross income of about EUR 45,000 per year. As they gain professional experience, the gross salary can increase to up to EUR 95,000 per year. Depending on factors such as the location and the size of the company, senior consultants can command significantly higher salaries.

Hays as a business consultancy partner

In order to find the perfect partner for everyone concerned, we work with our effective “Find and Engage” concept at Hays. This means: We know all about our applicants, know which qualifications they have and know where their strengths lie. In order to find the right candidate for every company and every vacancy, our top priority is to know all about both parties and bring the requirements and wishes together – all of the contractual framework conditions are coordinated with us when cooperation is agreed.

At Hays, we can provide business consultants in Austria with different contract models. You have the choice of taking the job on a permanent basis, as a freelancer or on a temporary basis. We will check together which type of contract is the right one for you.

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